Small Group Training is the perfect pathway for anybody who needs that extra push and guidance in their strength and fitness journey but maybe doesn’t have the confidence to go it alone.

Why choose group training?

Small Group Training will give you the support of a 1-2-1 experience but within a small group of like-minded individuals.

How do the sessions work?

These sessions are capped at 6 people per team. So you will always receive that extra personal approach in order to excel throughout the session. Each month there are 3 rotating programmes that alternate every day. These programmes focus on the 4 big compound movements and complement each other to enhance the effects of each session.

From day 1 you are constantly learning, expanding your knowledge, technique and gym repertoire.

This programme is perfect for toning, strength, hypertrophy & confidence building AND incredible value!

Please note that you DON’T need to have your own group.

What do I get?

  • Access to 3 of 9 different session slots per week.
  • Monthly programme cards so you can monitor your progress.
  • Access to our private training facility.
  • Monthly programme changes to keep you challenged, focused and engaged.
  • Guaranteed improvement in your fitness, strength,  & confidence.
  • Dietary advice & support.
  • Being part of our fab community.
  • Sessions are 45 minutes each.

Group PT is £89.00 per month

Currently spaces on the Morning and Evening are FULL

If you’d like to enquire about joining the Late Evening group or sign up to our waiting list for earlier sessions please send us an email

Morning: 7.30
Evening: 18.10
Late Evening: 19.30
Morning: 7.30
Evening: 18.10
Late Evening: 19.30
Morning: 7.30
Evening: 17.15
Late Evening: 18.00