It doesn’t matter if you are a fitness fanatic or completely brand new to the fitness world – our Indoor Fit Camps are tailored to every ability.

Our Indoor Fit Camp is an incredibly popular programme, packed with challenges. Sessions are varied, so much so it is unlikely you will ever do the same session twice. We still have the same members involved in this programme that we had back in January 2017 when it started, a true testimonial to the programme.

  • Located in the Ocean Fit Private Training Studio on Whitley Road, Whitley Bay.
  • Sessions are designed to keep you constantly engaged, challenged, motivated and achieving.
  • • Maximum 18 people per session
  • Train alongside like minded individuals.
  • 5/ 10 sessions are held at 9.30am, perfect for the after school run and popular with local mums.
  • A mixture of body and free weight exercises, also making use of the bigger kit such as the prowler, assault bikes & the new SKIerg.

Whether you are looking to lose fat, tone up, build confidence or develop your fitness, each camp is packed with a number of circuits, exercises, equipment and challenges that will keep you on your toes.

Getting involved in our Indoor Fit Camp is a great opportunity to build your confidence and socialise with a lovely group like-minded people.

Membership for Indoor Fit Camps is £48 per month and includes unlimited access to all 9 weekly sessions.

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