Train with me in my very own private studio based in Whitley Bay Town Centre, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Leave those daunting commercial gyms behind you and move into a place where you are guaranteed to soar to new levels of fitness, strength and confidence.

Our studio is fully equipped and ready to combat your personal goals – whether you are looking to shed some fat or build muscle mass, it’s all achievable in this private facility.

Each and every Personal Training session not only challenges you in your quest to reach your health and fitness potential, but is also tons of FUN!

How the sessions work
  • Private Sessions
  • Initial 60 minute consultation (£50) £25 credited towards service)
  • Progress analysis & measurements
  • Online and phone support as needed / Regular checkins
  • Access to a Unique Private Facility
  • Each Personal Training session is 45 minutes
  • Access into our exclusive support hub


What you can achieve
  • Fat loss and toning – Burn calories whilst developing your physique.
  • Strength and Conditioning – Increase your strength, focusing on big moves, low reps and heavier weights.
  • Fitness Increase – High intensity sessions designed to get your heart rate up and you feeling worked from head to toe.
  • Running – Working on the relevant muscle groups in order to have you smashing those PB’s within weeks
  • Hypertrophy Specific – Build muscle, burn fat and focus on specific muscle groups.

All of our programmes can be tailored specifically to your goals. Personal training is all about YOU and what you want to achieve.

Also there is the opportunity to train with a friend.

All programmes are delivered with technique and form as the first  priority. At Ocean Fit we only have you in mind, in order to progress from day one you must be executing moves properly and efficiently to prevent any potential injury.

1 off session = £40.00
5 sessions = £175.00
10 sessions = £299
15 sessions = £420
20 sessions = £539

Split the cost with a friend and double up.

To book your session or for further information, simply call us directly on
0750 877 5512. Alternatively you can contact us via the contact page and I will get back to you as soon as I can.