Ocean Fit Private Training Studio - Fitness Programmes

1-2-1 Training: This provides personalised attention and a program tailored specifically to your goals and needs. It allows for focused guidance and adjustments to your technique, making it highly effective for achieving individual fitness objectives.

Small Group Training: Working out in a small group offers a mix of individual attention and group dynamics. It can be motivating, as you'll have the support of others while still receiving some personalised guidance from the trainer. It also adds a social element to your workouts.

Beach Camps: Training on the beach can be an incredibly refreshing and invigorating experience. The natural environment adds an extra dimension to your workouts, providing a change of scenery and fresh air. Beach workouts often incorporate varied exercises that use the sand and water, offering unique challenges.

Each option suits different preferences and fitness goals. If you enjoy more personalised attention, 1-2-1 training might be ideal. If you thrive in a supportive group environment, small group training could be perfect. And if you love outdoor workouts and the beach, beach camps might be your thing!


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