Aaron became competent with the Harpenden Callipers at the Mac Nutrition University where he is in current training to become a an Evidence Based Nutritionist on the 21/22 intake.

Mac Nutrition are world leading in evidence based nutrition. No fads!

Body Fat Measurements


Aaron is competent in using the skin-fold Harpenden callipers to accurately measure fat. This is one of the  most accurate way to monitor fat loss. It is easy to feel let down by the scales, one day they are your best friend, the next they are your worst enemy. There is a vast amount of reasons for this spike in weight gain. And it wont be because you have put fat on over night. The callipers separate body fat from the rest of the equation, isolating and focussing on fat loss alone.


Following a consultation with Aaron going into some details about your fat loss journey or the reason you are here.

The Measurements. Using an 8 part measurement system Aaron will take measurements from 8 different parts of your body after accurately marking them out.

The Data. The data will then be formatted into excel where it will be sent to you to look over and see how things are progressing.


- Anybody really, but especially for...
- Those who are on a fat loss journey
- Athletes who need to keep their body composition in check
- If you are in doubt about your fat loss
- To check accurately an additional marker of good health


Non- Members

  • £30.00 for first consultations and measurements
  • £25.00 for follow up consultations and measurements

Ocean Fit Members & Clients

  • £20.00 each consultation

Your first measurement is the start of your journey. It is recommended to come in every 4-8 weeks to monitor your progress.