As we marked World Ocean Day on Saturday 8th June 2019 we thought it would be nice to explain why we called ourself Ocean Fit and what the Ocean means to US!

  1.  I (Aaron) Ocean Fits owner used to work as an underwater Videographer and Diving Instructor on Koh Tao – Thailand. Safe to say i spent the BEST time of my life here an owe every second following it to this experience. Following this I was on the Great Barrier Reef  for 5 months living in Port Douglas. 
    2.  Our Beach Camp started it all which runs from Cullercoats Bay and has done since June 2016. Working out along side the North Sea every day really does set you up for a productive day ahead. 
    If it wasn’t for our Beach Camp members I sometimes wonder out Ocean Fit ever exist?!?!?  


    3. Have a sea view from the Ocean Fit studio in Whitley Bay on a clean day its actually really nice. Most people don’t spot it until months in but it’s actually really latest once its spotted. We wont include a photo of this one as it wont do it justice with all of the shops in the way.

    4. It’s in the blood. I am the spawn of fisherman, all of my older generations have  been fisherman and my grandad especially was a huge part of North Shields Fishing industry. I however am not cut out for the harshness of the North Sea. 















There are so many other reasons that could be include in this but ill wrap it up here as I am quite frankly running out of time…like our Oceans!

Don’t forget the importance of our Oceans – We are the OCEAN PLANET. So much is is yet to be explored. We know about the moon then our Oceans, please help preserve them and enrich them for as long as possible.  

Recycle, reuse and do not litter. It’s lazy, unattractive and old fashioned. 


Aaron 😀

ps. When published the format keeps changing, thats why it all looks a little messy. Not sure how to stop it happening. :O