We literally were Ocean Fit this weekend.

Its the Summer Solstice which is the day the sun travels the longest path through the sky before we take that inevitable crawl into winter (UGH)!

A client suggested that we meet down at Cullercoats Beach (where else) to watch the sun come up. It was rainy, a little bit windy and the sea was choppy. Luckily none of our members are made of sugar so we had a great turn out.  Many more than I even figured.

We lit a few BBQs, and toasted from 2 meters apart and had a good old laugh. It was pretty easy to forget that most of us had not seen each other for 12 weeks or so. Actually didn’t feel like that at all!
We had members there from our Beach Camp, 121 Personal Training, Indoor Fit Camp and Group Personal Training. All mixed up!

Anyways the sunrise was lush, it was great to see our members together again even under different circumstances. It’s settling to know that we still have that strong community spirit even throughout all of this. The only thing bringing us together is Ocean Fit!

Sorry it would only let me upload the photos below. Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for more 🙂 …@OceanFitStudio