I know we aren’t there yet but I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of my incredible 121 Personal Training Clients who have stuck by me and worked harder than ever over the past 8 weeks.
The fact that we have had to adapt to working outdoors was never an issue for anybody, the focus was on self development, improving fitness and strength again and making awesome achievements.
There has been some days where it has bucketed down with rain where I have had to spray clients down with water to days where it has rained so bad that I have had to put on swimming shorts and go bare foot, all whist being bombed by seagulls. This has not been used by anybody as an excuse.
I am so proud to be working with so many dedicated, passionate and interesting local people who have really made the most of this opportunity.
I myself as a coach have learnt so much throughout this outdoor journey and quite frankly have really really enjoyed it. however I look forward to welcoming everybody back to a fresh new Ocean Fit in just a matter of days now.
I have no doubt that there will not be more opportunities to challenge and develop your abilities you further from indoors.
Thank you, Aaron 💙

Personal Training in Whitley Bay
Personal Training in Whitley Bay

if you would like to join me at Ocean Fit in Whitley Bay  for some top class Personal Training please do not hesitiate to contact me.

Tel: 07496 899 168
Email: info@ocean-fit.com

We have a drop in morning this Saturday – 25th 9am-12pm if you would like to drop in and say hello and find out more information. This is at the Ocean Fit Private Training Studio in Whitley Bay !