Lets not fool ourselves, winter has well and truly established itself already. Right now as I write this I am sat in front of the fire under a throw sipping a Lemsip wondering to myself….this cant just be a cold. 

However it doesn’t matter how ill I get and how this worsens each and every morning. I still have to get up bright and early and take action on the day. I understand that the colder and darker it gets the harder it is to keep moving. 

So below are top 8 tips to keep you motivated on these cold awful days, they work for me and they work for our
Ocean Fit Members.

Don’t be a MAYBE person. Have you ever said you ‘Might’ attend an event on Facebook and had full intentions of not going. Well that works exactly the same in real life, if somebody tell me they MIGHT do something then I full on write it off as a NO.
In order to succeed and have success with something you must constantly say YES…..YES I WILL WORK OUT TOMORROW. If you let your self say maybe then you are also letting yourself just say no. 

So once you have said YES now you need to get your clothes out and stick them at the side of the room (under the radiator. I do this every night before our Beach Camps. It mean when i get up at 6.00am and its dark i know exactly where all of my clothes are and I can whip them on and get out swiftly without disturbing anybody else. 

Set your heating to 10-15 minutes before you wake up. Its a lot nicer waking up to a warm house other then a cold one. Then set it to turn off just after your leave. I am sure the rest of your household will thank you for it as well. (especially the dog)

Have a good hearty carb loaded meal the night before. A nice bowl of pasta or rice based dish will give you the energy you need for that early morning work out. 
I know some of my clients get up a little bit earlier and neck a cup of tea before heading to the beach and some cant eat anything at all. Eating is very specific to the individual. Sometimes you have to find out the hard way if you can eat prior to a session. 

Know when you are going to switch the TV off. If you are hitting the hay post 12am then getting up early is going to be a little bit more of a challenge. I would advise a 10.30am bed time as a maximum, besides there is nothing good on tv at that time anyway. (unless Family Guy is on) 

Plan around your work out, fit your exercise into your schedules just as you would with any other appointment. Tell yourself what you are doing BEFORE and then what you will do AFTER your workout. This means nothing will collide. You have to make time for yourself and your health. 

If you have been attending a session long enough to be on texting terms with a member then tell each other you are going to be there in the morning. This means if you don’t go then you are going to let down your team mate. 
I often ask clients when they will be in next, this means that there is no backing out of their next session. It really works!

Its always nice to know that when you have finished your work out you have something nice at home to return to, and by this is mean FOOD! Naturally after an intense workout you need to refuel your body. 
Prepare a smoothy or protein shake before you leave or the night before. I find that this really spurs me on as its a reward for working hard. it often makes me work a lot harder. 

Do you have any tips that we could share? We would love to pass on your tips and tricks with the rest of our following.

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