So what are the best foods to consume after a work out? Now this is quite a taboo subject as its not a case of one size fits all when it comes to us as individuals. 

This is just a very general out lay but I hope if gives some of you a little more inspiration

Now this could be split into 2 different categories…A quick snack or a full on meal. 
Lets keep this simple. I would say always reach for an easy protein source.

This could be as simple as a protein bar or a shake. 

I always find that if you have a protein shake at hand following a session you will work that little bit harder knowing you have that treat waiting for you. 

  1. Eggs. There is so much you can do with just EGG!
  2. Almonds. Keep a stash in your pocket or car.
  3. Chicken Breast. again, goes with almost anything
  4. Oats. Over night oats, fuel for the day, just be wary of your portion size.
  5. Cottage Cheese. Low in both fat and cals
  6. Greek Yogurt. Easy cram in when you are in a rush
  7. Broccoli.  Great protein source in abundance and full of vitamins and fibre
  8. Beef/ Steak – high in protein, just be wary of the fat percentage. 
  9. Sea Food – Again so much option out there and can be enjoyed in many ways. Plain dry tuna is an easy option. 
  10. Protein Powder – We would only recommend ‘Natural Nutrients’ to our clients as we trust the ingredients and the flavours are spot on. This can also be drank with milk or water and still holds a great taste. 
  11.  Protein popcorn – Almost forgot and had to get that in there. Natural Nutrients Protein Popcorn. Comes in 3 different flavours and is vegetarian and vegan friendly. 
  12. Peanut butter – Can be added to your shakes or great on seeded bread and bagels following a big session. Just be carefull of how much you are using. 
  13. Turkey Breast – Higher protein content then chicken, but in my opinion just not as tasty. 
  14. Sprouts – A high protein vegetable and packed full of nutrients & fibre. Image result for protein

    So those are just a few ideas of what you could be reaching for following your sessions in order to refuel and replenish.

    It is really important to factor the adequate amounts of protein into your daily diet if you are looking to burn fat and lose weight. The more muscle mass you have the quicker you will  burn fat. Protein helps those muscles grow and develop. Take advantage of protein and see how your body changes. 

    I have attached this macro Calculator in the link below which will work out how much protein your body needs in regards to your current goals.

    Image result for natural nutrients popcorn
    99p in the Ocean Fit Studio

    I hope this helps you 🙂