I am very proud to say that Ocean Fit has been more than compliant with government guidelines, our members have been kept safe, our groups have not exceeded 5 and we are social distancing pros now, all from outdoors.

(Below is all based around the Government updates next week)
Our clean, fresh and sanitised private training studio is ready to open its door again to the people of Whitley bay and beyond. We have been inundated daily from people who would love to join our team and we have sadly had to refuse this until tonight.
Based on a positive outcome next week we are ready to welcome new members to our team and expected to allow people inside of the studio for the likes of Group Personal Training, Indoor Fit Camp and Face to Face Personal training (currently outdoors).

As you will expect we will operate things slightly differently in order to keep our members safe but still ensure a fantastic session.
Luckily Ocean Fit has such a positive and community based ethos and atmosphere i do not see any problems with us moving forward.

If you would like to join our team from August and any of our programmes might be what you are currently looking for please message us.
Our current members, keep an eye on your inboxes for updates next week and prepare to join us from from August.

I genuinely can not wait to see you guys again!

Much love,
Aaron 💙

Information on these programmes can be found below
Indoor Fit Camp
Beach Camp
Group Personal Training
121 Personal Training 

Contact us for more info: