Joe remote client

Many of you will know that not only do we (I, Aaron) work hard not only with face to face personal training clients but also have a great bunch of remote online personal training clients. 

Currently I am signing up members to join me in January for remote Personal Training. 

It’s all very simple, we discuss what you would like to achieve, whether you have access to a gym or would work out from home. We look at your nutrition goals and I out together an achievable programme for you to work on. We would have a weekly official check in in and from there I reply with a video summarising changes and how to move forward. 

It is my priority to make sure you are progressing weekly, enjoying the programme and making significant progress. 

Recently I have invested week of my time updated the way I deliver the programmes for my remote clients, i have 100’s of exercises recorded by myself for you to follow, with instructions and demonstrations of advanced and regressed ways to perform exercises. 

Why not email me or book in a call on HERE  if you would like a 20 minute consultation. 

I look forward to speaking  & working with you soon. 

Aaron 🙂