This year we have been lucky enough to welcome 25 brand new clients to our freshly painted studio to our Transformation Programme. 

We ran 4 of these over the course of September to which all had great success and even better results. It opens a spectrum of opportunity to anybody who wants to burn fat & lose weight, gain fitness and confidence, meet new people, try something new or give them self a challenge.

The first evening session of our Transformation 2018.

We have designed a maintainable and realistic Clean Eating Plan which enables our clients eat balanced and healthy meals over a 4 week period that isn’t un realistic in terms of sustainability. We understand that the majority of our clients are going to be working, house running 
parents with a host of responsibilities. It was our priority to create a plan that they could share with partners and kids as well. Rather then cooking separate meals for everybody. 
Just by following this plan for 4 weeks it will detox your body of all the bad stuff that clogs you up and slows you down.

As we had such a bold response to this years Transformation we have had no choice to add 2 more sessions in, on a Tuesday and Thursday evening and hopefully they will be there to stay. This is so we can deliver sessions that are personal, technically correct and fun for everybody involved. You have have noticed on our first night we had 22 people turn up to their first session which was just manic. 

Our sessions are based around Body Weight and Free Weight Exercise and delivered in a way where you can work to your own ability, we will motivate you to push yourself as hard as YOU can.

Since starting this Programme back in January 2017 we have received nothing but 5 star reviews from all of our amazing clients. It is important to know there is more to the success of exercise other then ‘losing weight’. Its the social aspect you gain, the confidence that grows, the energy you find each and every day, the improvement in your posture and strength. These are priceless attributes to your lifestyle. 

You can chose to do the Transformation as part of our Beach Camp if you are an early riser and love the challenges of the out doors OR take it indoors and make the most of  what our private studio has to offer!
The times for this Programme are:

Mon, Wed, Fri – 6.30am – Cullercoats Beach

Monday to Friday – 9.30am
Monday to Thursday – 7.00pm
Fridays – 5.30pm

If you fancy learning more about our programmes our what we have to offer then please don’t hesitate to contact us and get yourself booked in for a FREE trial session.