Jacqui has been with us 2 years now and is the one half of the Scott sisters. A chatty and hard working force who are part of our Indoor Fit Camp
Although Jacqui has always been consistent with sessions since joining us 24 months ago, since restarting back in August she has truly shone and worked harder than ever. 
She is such a lovely woman and although seeing an awful redundancy due to Covid-19, she has still prioritised her health and fitness and excelled in every way. 

Check out Jacqui’s Q&A Below.

NAME: Jacqui 
PROGRAMME: Indoor Fit Camp

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1. How do you feel to be crowned Ocean Fit’s Client of the Month?
Great, I really didn’t expect it.

2. Why did you choose Ocean Fit?
I have always loved the gym and was going to a gym at theRoyal Quays. I always did the classes, rather than do the gym equipment. But found, that if I had a injury I just didn’t go to the gym, as there were always loads in the classes, so they couldn’t really help you individually. My sister Caroline, had started at Ocean fit earlier in the year and said that I could do a free session, and the rest is history 2 years later.

4. What do you enjoy most about being part of Ocean Fit?
Everyone that goes to the sessions are really friendly and a good bunch of people. Even though we all have different fitness levels and strengths, we are all catered for in the same sessions. Plus I like the fact we are constantly pushed to do better, which I what I need at times.

5. What’s your favourite post-workout snack or meal ?
I don’t have a certain thing, that I eat post workout. It tends to be whatever my mum or sister cooks on the night, before I go home. As my pup is usually at my mums, when I am at the gym.

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6. If you could banish one exercise from sessions, what would it be, and WHY?
My worst exercise, would have to be Squat Thrusts. I can never tend to get my legs where I need them to be. Plus my face ends up looking like a beetroot by the end. Then Burpees would have to be a close 2nd.

7. Apart from being crowned Client of the Month (of course), what is your biggest achievement at Ocean Fit?
My biggest achievement was how I was feeling in March this year. I felt at my fittest then and my body was the best it had been for years. Taking into account that I was heading to the big 40. But then the lock down happened and the most I was doing was walking the dog, and eating lots of chocolate biscuits and crisps or anything else that I could find out of boredom.

8. What is your next big fitness goal?
My next fitness goal is to get back where I was in March, so here’s to getting back my motivation.

9. What is your funniest memory from Ocean Fit?
I would have to say the sports day we did last summer. I’m not a fan of sand, and i’m still not. But it was so funny, trying to do the tasks and great to see how competitive everybody was. Luckily we had a hot sunny day for it.

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10. Would you recommend Ocean Fit to a friend?
Yes I would. The sessions are for everyone and every session is different which I love.

A HUGE congrats to Jacqui on her achievement of Ocean Fit, Whitley Bays Client of the Month November 2020.

She hard work has stood out to us and she truly deserved the recognition, I can not wait to see her in that huge pink T-shirt.

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