Kate joined our Group Personal Training Programme not so long ago, back in Mark 2019. 
She contacted us looking to improve her over all strength so this programme was perfect for her. 
Since starting Kate has entered every session with a huge smile and is full of personality. Her improvements and progress are immense. She is moving so much more weight and lifting with immaculate technique in such a short space of time. 

Kate has recently stop using her medication prescribed for her hyper-mobility. This is is absolutely fantastic news, she is working so hard and is so deserving of these results. 

Name: Kate Devlin 

Age: 28

When did you Start and why?
March- I was struggling with my hyper-mobile joints, giving me joint pain. I had struggled for years to find something I enjoyed that could help me strengthen my joints.

What do you enjoy the most over all about taking part?
The strength training- seeing yourself getting visibly stronger- plus the team feeling.

What made you choose Ocean Fit?
I was drawn to the small group sessions- plenty of time for guidance and support from Aaron and Brianne.

What is your biggest achievement?
Coming off medication and feeling no joint pain!
What is your favourite exercise or move & why?
I like the back squat- I couldn’t even squat when I first started, now I can squat 40 kilos!

What is your LEAST favourite exercise & why?
The bike-it burns!
Would you recommend us to a friend and why?
 YES- Ocean Fit is friendly, welcoming and supportive.

Whats your favourite thing to cook?
Too many things to choose- but probably risotto.

What is your biggest achievement to date?
Gaining enough strength to ease my joint pain.
Describe Ocean Fit in 1 sentence:
Ocean Fit is the friendliest, most welcoming fitness experience in the North East!
As coaches at ocean Fit we are thrilled to see how much Kate has improved in such a short space of time. There is no doubt that this is not down to her hard work, consistency and persistence. 
Fantastic work so far.

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