Annabelle has been with us almost 2 years now and is a huge part of our Fit Camp Team and now our LIVE Facebook workouts.
She has always been ore than consistent, friendly and hard working when it comes to Ocean Fit’s sessions.
Since going online for our Fit Camps back in March Annabella has always been the first to log into our sessions raring to go. These sessions have been going for 10-12 weeks now and she has not missed 1, although I cant see anybody I know for a fact that Annabelle is really going for it !

Name: Annabelle
Programme: Indoor Fit Camp / Facebook Lives

Annabelle – Our Client of the Month June 2020

1.How do you feel to be crowned one of Ocean Fit’s Client of the Month?


2.If you could banish one exercise from sessions what would it be and WHY?

The air bike – its so hard and it gives me jelly legs for the next exercise.


3.Why did you choose Ocean Fit? 

 I rolled back from an all inclusive holiday feeling disgusting and knew I needed to get back into fitness, I found the body confidence program online and the ethos sounded good to me – so I signed up.  I chose to stay after the initial 6 weeks as I had been made to feel so comfortable and welcome, I was really enjoying all the sessions, seeing results and making new friends.

4.What do you enjoy most about being part of Ocean Fit? 

 that everyone is in it together, no mater if you are a new member, been there a while, supremely fit and strong or just starting out on your fitness journey everyone works together, helps each other, laughs together and rolls their eyes together when the finisher is dropped on you at the end!

5.What’s your favourite post-workout snack or meal ? 

I have never really got into knowing what to eat and when for exercise so its usually coffee, lots of water and whatever meal is due next.

Annabelle - Ocean Fits COM Whitley Bay
Annabelle – Ocean Fits COM Whitley Bay
6. How has Ocean Fit helped you since joining, and during ‘lock down’?

 Ocean Fit has given me a set up that I have wanted to and been able to stick to for nearly two years now and I have seen amazing changes in my fitness and strength – what more could you want! During lockdown the ‘live’ sessions have been such an important part of my day.  I was sceptical at first because I have never been someone that could get into doing exercise dvd’s or online work outs at home but I have honestly never worked so hard – the workouts are fun, varied and you still feel like part of a team thanks to the interactions. It is my bit of the day before the chorus of ‘muuuum’ starts and I feel in a much better place to try and tackle helping with year 6 maths.

7.Apart from being crowned Client of the Month, what is your  biggest achievement at Ocean Fit? 

 It has shifted my mentality around exercise – I now want to do it and take on challenges rather than feeling it is something I should be doing.

8.What is your next big fitness goal? 

 I would love to LOVE running.

9.What is your funniest memory from Ocean Fit? 

 Rebecca’s introduction of the various frog leg hip thrusts and hearing the cackles of laughter coming from whoever is on that station at the time – an effective but undignified exercise!

10. What would you tell other to inspire them to stay fit at the moment?
It has such an impact on how you feel and what you feel able to do, you can start from any point and you can always achieve so why wouldn’t you?

I would like to say a HUGE well done to Annabelle, this is much deserved recognition, not only does she keep us all motivated in the Ocean Fit Studio but also during our Live sessions. Attacking them each and every day! 

If you feel inspired by Annabelle and would like to know about Ocean Fits and Ocean Fit Online services please contact us.

07496 899 168