Just over 2 years ago Simon popped his head through our door with an interest in increasing his fitness and creating a healthier lifestyle…..and today he is still here doing just that!

Simon has consistently attended our Group Personal Programme at 7.30am for 2 years now, he started with little experience in weight lifting and is now moving weight around with total ease and immaculate form. He is always keen to push further, embrace new techniques and increase his weight.

I absolutely love working with Simon and is a huge asset to the Morning Group Personal Training Team. Although he stays true to his native home of Australia and can be easily swayed with good food and beer (presumably fosters) he always comes in with a spring in his step and truly makes the most of each session. I am yet to think of a session where Simon hasn’t  gave it his all.

Heres looking to many more memorable sessions, with or without burpees!

If you like the idea of increasing your strength and fitness in teams of 6 or less then click here for more information. Our Group Personal Training Programme currently has 1 open space.