You may have seen Robert popping up on our Facebook feed recently as we congratulate him on all of his achievement. It’s down to his hard, hard work and consistent approach to exercise that we have chose him to be our February Client of the Month. 

Robert started with us back in July 2019 looking for a new challenge, to improve his over all health and learn some new skills. It’s safe to say that all of this and more has been achieved. He is never shy of completing an extra rep or going the extra mile in his sessions. Fully embracing every task!

In January I set Robert the task of giving a Parkrun a show how much he has improved and what he is truly capable of, the same Saturday he was there and has since completed 2 Parkruns. 


Name: Robert
Age: 72

Robert our Client of the Month - February 2020
Robert our Client of the Month – February 2020


1. How do you feel to be crowned Ocean Fit’s Client of the Month?  
Astonished – but very pleased! 
2. If you could banish one exercise from sessions what would it be and WHY? 
I don’t want to banish anything!  It’s all a great challenge, even when I find it hard. 
3. Why did you choose Ocean Fit?  

I was looking for a good 1-2-1 personal trainer within walking distance.  I’d walked past Ocean Fit many times: I looked at it online, and decided to try it.  


Rowing his way through another session!
4. What do you enjoy most about being part of Ocean Fit?  
Aaron constantly varies the exercises, so it never becomes boring – and he always stretches me, but never to the point of collapse! 
5. What’s your favourite post-workout snack or meal ?  
‘Good Hemp’ protein powder, mixed with skimmed milk.  (Alas, this is about to be discontinued.)   
6. Describe Ocean Fit in one sentence. 
This place is helping me become more and more the person I’ve always wanted to be, in physical terms. 
7. Apart from being crowned Client of the Month, what is your  biggest achievement at Ocean Fit?  
Doing press ups.  I hadn’t done these for over thirty years  and thought I couldn’t,
to arthritis in my shoulder. 


8. What is your next big fitness goal? 

There are so many, but top of the list comes doing dead-lifts with a barbell, and
improving my time on the Park Run.  (I hadn’t run for forty years.  Aaron convinced me I could do it – and I have!)

Robert completing his second Parkrun


9. What is your funniest memory from Ocean Fit? 
Jasmine throwing her toys in my path as I warm up, wanting to play! 
10. Would you recommend Ocean Fit to a friend? 
Absolutely!  In fact, I already have!

Again, HUGE congratulations to Robert on receiving  Februarys Client of the Month. Its an absolute pleasure to work along side him!