Reflecting back on our Clients of the Month throughout 2019. We give this recognition to members who think are working extra hard in sessions, make others feel welcome, top team players, punctual & consistent and just generally go the extra mile.
Most months we could often pick 2-3 people and its always hard choosing 1 of 150 people each month. But great work earned wore those blue T-shirts his year, its never an easy decision!

We look forward to announcing Januarys Client of the Month in just a couple of days!

January: Caroline – Indoor Fit Camp
February: Katie – Indoor Fit Camp
March: Jacqui – Beach Camp
April: Kate – Group Personal training
May: Lucy – Indoor Fit Camp
June: Kate – Group Personal Training
July: Paul – Indoor Fit Camp
August: Susie – Group Personal Training
September: Laura – Indoor Fit Camp
October: Zoe – Indoor Fit Camp
November: Bev -Group Personal Training
December: Spencer – Group Personal Training
Fantastic work guys 💯
We are just a small personal club in Whitley Bay so its always fulfilling to see how much potential and how far our local memebrs can go!