This is a first – TWO Clients Of The Month in the same month but as we grow we have more and more well deserving candidates.


Last week we posted Nikki’s story and today we have Tracys from our Beach Camp.


I never forget a clients first session, they all stick with me and Tracys was some time ago now but i remember she came into the studio and it was only her in the session, we hadn’t long opened and I layed out a fairly simply circuit which I remember her finding a bit of a challenge and we called it a day about 2/3 into it. However as determined as ever to get fit for her upcoming Mud Run she signed up to our Beach Camp and has been 100% dedicated ever since.


Tracy is such a team player and always supporting the rest of her team and really is a huge part of the Beach Camp team. She always applies herself to each session 100% and even adds in her own extra rounds sometime without any request if she finishes first. I am sure everybody who knows Tracy from our Beach Camp will 100% back up this recognition. 

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Cullercoat’s Pier – Beach Camp – Ocean Fit


Name: Tracy

Age: 54

Cullercoats, Whitley Bay, Fitness, Personal Training, Private Training, Fit, Boot Camp, Client, Fit Camp. Gym, Sunset, Sunrise, Team, Transformation Challenge
May – Client of the Month


When did you Start and why? 
I started because I realised I had gotten myself into a rut of coming home from work, sitting on the sofa watching tv and was generally pretty unfit. I saw Ocean Fit when i was passing the studio and thought …WHY NOT. Over one year on I and havn’t looked back since!

What do you enjoy most about taking part?
I love Cullercoats Bay its absolutely fantastic place to work out come rain or shine. I’ve made great friendships and Aaron is a brilliant coach, no two sessions have ever been the same and are always challenging. 

What is your biggest achievement?
Press ups! I couldn’t do them when i started and now i can easily do 20 straight off. I also ran a 15k Tough Mudder last year and my increased stamina really really helped. 

What is your favourite exercise or move & why?
Anyone who knows me will agree bear crawl has my name written all over it! Im the bear crawl queen. 

 What is your LEAST favourite exercise & why?
I don’t think there is one really. Burpees are hard but then i managed 50 in1.40 so was well chuffed.

Would you recommend us to a friend and why?
Definitely! Ocean Fit is a bespoke personal fitness provider tailored to what you want, also really friendly and super value for money. Aaron’s passion for fitness and helping you make the most of each session shines through. His words of encouragement are always much appreciated!!

Whats your favourite thing to cook?
My kids love a Jambalaya so its got to be that….(although i am a mean baker too so cakes have to get a shout out sorry Aaron)!

Describe Ocean Fit in 1 sentence:
A great place to exercise, train whatever you choose the support is amazing and you’ll be hooked – I promise – It’s addictive!


What an amazing testimonial both to Tracy and ourselves. You’d think that we wrote in her answers but honestly they are all her words. 

Great work Tracy, keep pushing yourself as hard as ever. Fantastic stuff. 

Would you like 1 weeks FREE trial on our Beach Camp? Contact us today and we will be more then happy to welcome you.

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