Our next BIG APRIL 6 Week  Body Confidence Programme starts:

Monday 25th April 2022 - 10 spaces available from today!
When they are gone....they are GONE!

Please call for further information or BOOK via this page!

Body Confidence Programme Information

You have access to 13 sessions throughout the week.

We encourage each and everyone of you to get along to as many sessions as possible in order to achieve the best results, improve your technique and stay in the zone!

Our Lifestyle Plan will really shape the way you think about what you put into your body on a daily basis.

This plan teaches you how to  have a balanced diet, what to avoid and how to stay on track in all aspects of life. You really will learn a lot from this plan.


As well as your pre and post programme measurements we will be introducing half way measurements as well.
This helps sharpen your focus and keep you on track until you reach the end of the programme.

Guaranteed Results.

Of course we guarantee you results, however a lot of this boils down to your hard work at the end of the day. Utilising your sessions, keeping on top of your Clean Eating Plan & working as hard as you can.

100% Motivation from start to finish.

We ensure that you will be motivated from start to finish, don’t expect to be doing the same session twice. Each and every day you will be hit with a fresh new format which will be challenging, diverse and engaging from start to finish.

Access to our Private Support Hub.

You will be invited into our private support network. This is a great place to turn if you feel like you are about to fall off the wagon. You and your team mates motivated and accountable.

Fun, Friends & Good Times.

Sounds cheesy right? But no doubt you will make a few friends on your journey. As we only do small groups you won't just be a number to us. This gives you the perfect chance to chat, laugh & gossip with your team mates before & after sessions.

Access to our Private studio in a small group environment.

At Ocean Fit we don't believe in big groups where you are sardined into a space and nobody knows each other's name. You will find no more more than 18 people along side you in your session.
As our studio is private, this gives you the confidence to give everything 100% without the worry of other gym users being in your space

This is the perfect package for all fitness levels whether you just need a kick up the bum, to drop a jean size or want to get back to feeling how you used to. We all need a bit of normality!

Think it could be for you – pop us a line via our Contact Page OR save you spot instantly and book now!

Check out our YouTube page.

Here is your Group Session Timetable
Outdoor: Beach Camp:

Monday: 6.30-7.15am
Wednesday: 6.30-7.15am
Friday: 6.30-7.15am

(If you chose this option you get access to 2 of the indoor sessions as well)

Inside the Ocean Fit Studio:

Mondays –  9.30 - 10.15 & 19.00-19.30
Tuesday – 9.30 - 10.15 & 19.00-19.30
Wednesday –9.30 - 10.15 & 19.00-19.30
Thursday – 9.30 - 10.15 & 19.00-19.30
Friday – 9.30 - 10.15 & 17.20 - 18.00pm

You have access to all of theses sessions as part of your programme, we encourage all clients to attend as many as possible in order to maximise your results.

Please note that sessions will not run on Bank Holidays. 

I've just finished the 6 week body confidence programme and am absolutely thrilled with the results. My goal was to quit my sugar addiction and to commit to exercising at least three times a week. I have achieved both.

Michelle Jackson

I've never worked so hard at my fitness but with Aaron's coaching and encouragements anything feels achievable. Looking forward carrying on now I've joined up to the Indoor Fit Camp.

Annabel Miller

I was apprehensive about joining an established group like this - worried that everyone else would be super fit. It turned out that everyone was welcoming and encouraging - and yes, we all have different strengths and abilities but when you see improvement in your own fitness it really does spur you on.

Jacqui Mcguire