Martin Macdonald – MacNutrition

This guy popped into my Instagram Stories about 2 years ago when i seen him calling out some fad diet and followed the guy ever since. Over time I have followed him more and more as his approach to Nutrition is NO nonsense or BS and genuinely is leading in his field.


So Saturday gone I managed to get a ticket to the Newcastle leg or his International Tour in the hope to bust some nutrition myths and essentially learn from the best. The day was absolutely PACKED with quality content, innuendos and good chat. The best of all, surrounded by other like minded professions and PT’s from the region.
Also sick after party in Newcastle in the evening!

One of the main reasons I went along was to clarify If his Nutrition course would be right for me as I look to advance my nutritional knowledge further in the year. It has always been the plan. This kind of sealed the deal.
It is integral as a working Personal Trainer & Strength and Conditioning Coach that I am CONSTANTLY learning and developing my skills in order to give our members the best that I can. So many personal Trainers think it ends at a Level 3 qualification and some commercial class certificates. If you really want to help people you need to look so much further!

Focus on this before Fat Loss

If you want to give him a follow and see what i am talking about, his stories are ace! Not for those who cant take a joke…
And us…