After the success of our first Eat Well Move Better programme in February we are delighted to relaunch our second intake on Monday April 5th 2022.

This fully remote programme is delivered to you by the power of your smart phone.

This programme gives you the flexibility to workout at home with no equipment and minimal space.

I have designed this so that there are 4 weeks of progressive sessions, each week building up in intensity and structure. Alongside this there is the nutrition & lifestyle element where you will analyse your daily eating habits and lifestyle choices.

I would love to help you each the success as the other busy individuals that have completed this programme. With given feedback I have updated and improved the programme so it can deliver even better results all round

Is this for you…

  • You have a smart phone
  • You need to knuckle down with your nutrition
  • You need to be accountable for bad lifestyle habits
  • You are ready to improve your fitness
  • You are feeling a little bit out of shape
  • Your eating habits are to pot

As I’d like to ensure a personal element to this programme I will only be welcoming 20 people to sign up, this ensures I can help people where possible and offer support.

Early bird: £44.00 (Ends Sunday 10th April)
Full Price: £59.00

Once paid we will contact you with what to do next. But in the mean time you can download the JustCoach App.

Testimonials from programme

I have really enjoyed the program I found the exercises to be varied and challenging. I’m thrilled to have lost a few Pounds and have seen a definite change in my body shape. Tracking my macros has been an eye-opener and I have made some positive improvements to make sure that I am eating correctly for what I want to achieve going forward.

I’ve absolutely loved doing this programme! I’ve finally got the hang of tracking and it’s been a huge eye opener to see how many calories I should be consuming each day in order to lose weight. I’ve started to increase my protein intake too through your advice and I really appreciate knowing these things to make little positive changes to my diet. I’ve lost 6 pounds and I’m thrilled with that as I feel this is something I can keep going with moving forward and can keep losing weight and feeling better. The exercises have been brilliant and have complemented what I’ve been doing with you in the gym really well. I love that I’m feeling so much fitter and stronger. On days when I haven’t felt like exercising and have done it anyway I have felt great. Honestly, this is the fittest I’ve felt in a long time and I’m so happy about that! Thanks so much for all the work you’ve put into the programme. I’m so glad I’ve found Ocean Fit!

This programme really gave me a massive kick start into a healthier lifestyle. I lost 7lbs which I would of never had expected.

Aaron has produced a well structured, easy to follow programme, that’s designed around that was well designed and helped me hit my target and learn a lot more about where and why I was struggling.

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