Meet the Team!

The Ocean Fit Team is made up of a team of skilled and passionate coaches who all bring something a little bit different to our sessions ensuring that your experience is always varied, versatile and  you are challenged each time you leave.

Our sessions are mixed up between Aaron, Kay & Rebecca while Jasmine will always be around to meet and greet our members at the door!



Why I’m in the fitness industry and what I bring to Ocean Fit:

Aaron opened Ocean Fit back in 2016 and has been a full time Personal Training for 4 years and a Strength and Conditioning Coach for 2 years. The studio was set up with the vision of giving members a welcoming facility to get fit, boost confidence and excel in each and every session.

Personal Training and the fitness industry is a HUGE passion of his and he is constantly trying to better his own education and ability in order to offer members the very best experience. Having worked with hundreds of  local men and women over the years he has a huge stack of testimonials under his belt and is always looking to help more people, whether it is in the Ocean Fit Studio or Ocean Fit Online.


Why I’m in the fitness industry and what I bring to Ocean Fit:

Working as a professional performer, I realised early in my career that the key to longevity was to look after my fitness and health. The more I dived into the fitness industry, the stronger and happier I became- not only in my career, but my whole life, and now I’m addicted! My fitness routine isn’t a chore to me, it’s a joy, and I intend to bring that joy to everyone here at Ocean Fit (along with some badass stretches).


What I offer to my Personal Training clients:

If I can achieve it, you can achieve it too. I am really knowledgeable about posture, alignment and injury prevention and have so many tips and tricks and methods to share from years of professional dance experience which have been proven to help athletes, footballers, rugby players and many more sports industry professionals.

I ensure my clients are worked hard leaving them with a sense of achievement after every session. I keep my sessions fun, focused and well celebrate all of your results with you.


Our Beautiful Gym Animal

Jasmine was rescued from an abusive life on the track just as we opened Ocean Fit back in 2016. She has been a HUGE part of the team since day one.

You will often find her sleeping on her bed or greeting you at the door when you come in. She brings nothing but smiles to our members and is so loved by everybody.

If you want to get on her good side, bring her a bit of cheese!

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