Have you met the team?

The Ocean Fit Team is made up of a team of skilled and passionate coaches who all bring something a little bit different to our sessions ensuring that your experience is always varied, versatile and  you are challenged each time you leave.

Our sessions are mixed up between Aaron, Sam & Rebecca while Jasmine will always be around to meet and greet our members at the door!


Why I’m in the fitness industry and what I bring to Ocean Fit:
Aaron opened Ocean Fit back in 2016 and has been a full time Personal Training for 4 years and a Strength and Conditioning Coach for 2 years. The studio was set up with the vision of giving members a welcoming facility to get fit, boost confidence and excel in each and every session.

Personal Training and the fitness industry is a HUGE passion of his and he is constantly trying to better his own education and ability in order to offer members the very best experience. Having worked with hundreds of  local men and women over the years he has a huge stack of testimonials under his belt and is always looking to help more people, whether it is in the Ocean Fit Studio or Ocean Fit Online.


Why I’m in the fitness industry and what I bring to Ocean Fit:

I'm in this industry not just because I myself like to keep fit and healthy but because I like to work with others and help people. The health and fitness world is ever changing and it fascinates me. I love learning and teaching new exercise programmes along with the equally ever changing world of nutrition. I love seeing other people catch the fitness bug and achieve things that they once thought not possible, there is no greater satisfaction. As a trainer I bring to ocean fit over 12 years experience with a great track record of results with clients and as a person I hope to bring a friendly, motivational attitude with a healthy dose of drive and enthusiasm.

Fitness Fact

Very keen surfer , travelled the world finding the best surf spots . The best found was in Mexico’s puerto escondido.

Football background playing for Newcastle Utd as a teen

Martial arts and boxing. I have always loved martial arts and try my hand at many but boxing is the first love..it's my meditation. I have never been able to meditate although I believe one of the main purposes to meditation is being present, and there is no better way of being present then to have to move away from a swinging glove ha!! Boxing is by far the most popular part to my training with clients.

Cool fact

Was a ballboy at Wembley for an England international football match.


Why I’m in the fitness industry and what I bring to Ocean Fit:

I’m a fun loving, fitness fanatic that has always been surrounded by sport.

I’m ultra-competitive and have played county golf for the last eight years. Prior to taking up golf, my main sport was athletics (400m and 800m) but due to an Achilles injury I was forced to hang up my spikes. I play off a handicap of 1 and played as a full-time golfer on the amateur
circuit for two years. I hold the course record at Tynemouth Golf Club (6 under par) and believe my years of circuit training help to give me the competitive edge, as well as extra yardage off the tee! Sport and fitness have played such a huge role in shaping me to become the person that I am today – I feel indebted to give something back.

Academically I studied Sports Coaching and gained a First-Class Honours in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Sunderland. I then went on to gain a Master’s Degree in International Marketing from the University of Newcastle. Gaining my Masters affirmed that a career
without sport is not a career for me, and well, here I am today! I’m incredibly self-motivated and train at least 5 days per week. I’m excited to motivate others and help them to achieve their fitness goals too! I love a good cheesy 90’s dance hit

Fitness fact:

During the winter I once ran 26 miles through Newcastle running up and down every single car park and set of stairs! I did have to stop though – at the Sage for some hot chocolate fudge cake, naughty!

Random fact:

I love to rescue insects! I once rescued a snail from my golf course that had its shell crushed by a tractor. I took it home and even bought a small aquarium for him to stay in my room until he had recovered. I named him Brian (after the man that accidentally ran him over) and he loved strawberries and garden salads! Sadly he died after a few weeks and he’s now buried in my garden, bless him!


Our Beautiful Gym Animal

Jasmine was rescued from an abusive life on the track just as we opened Ocean Fit back in 2016. She has been a HUGE part of the team since day one.

You will often find her sleeping on her bed or greeting you at the door when you come in. She brings nothing but smiles to our members and is so loved by everybody.

If you want to get on her good side, bring her a bit of cheese!