We would love to extend a huge welcome to Sam who will has joined the Ocean Fit Coaching team this week. Sam has over 10 years of experience working as a Personal Trainer and we cant wait for him onboard to shed some knowledge and experience throughout our studio. You will find him covering a some of Fit Camps, Group Personal Training sessions along side Aaron & Brianne. He is also open to taking on extra 1-2-1 clients. 

Check out this short Q&A we had with him last week:

Name: Sam









A brief story about you?
In a nutshell, I was born in 1983 in Hexham. 36 years later I am living in Whitley bay working out of the legendary Ocean Fit Studio….Well you did say brief.


What makes you want to work in the fitness industry?
I have always been a really active person, having played all sorts of sports all my life and I like helping people so the two things together were a nice fit, so it just made sense for me to work in the fitness industry. 
….an I am useless at anything else !
If you weren’t coaching what would you do…DREAM JOB?!
Professional surfer for sure OR the lead singer in a band.
Either way it would involve me travelling the world which is something I love.
Favourite exercise and movement?
I love martial arts in particular Muai Thai and boxing. I also love surfing and climbing. Anything I have to think about I tend to like more as it keeps my attention and interest and keeps me motivated. In the gym I like chin ups, kettle bell Turkish get ups and battle ropes…
Best advice for anybody just getting started on their fitness journey?
Don’t go too hard too fast!
Take your time and pick something or things that you enjoy. Fitness is a very personal journey so try things out and don’t limit yourself to one thing. In my view there is never an end point to fitness. It is a journey not a destination so you might as well enjoy the ride.
What keeps you motivated?
Trying new things and being challenged or somebody telling me a can’t do something…I am pretty stubborn!
Biggest Achievement in life?
My biggest achievement for sure is my beautiful family. A wife who puts up with me and my 2 young kids.
I can’t ask for more than that…
What would you love to achieve within fitness or activity?
I would love to surf pipeline in Hawaii and live to tell the tail. I have been to Mexico and surfed a place called Puerto Escondido (the Mexican pipeline) which is one of the biggest waves in the world and I did live to tell that tale, and I had had a couple of cervezas previous! 
My crazy, shaggy labradoodle dog called Poppy. She is bonkers but totally adorable – I’m sure she will make an appearance at the Beach Camp one day!
Cool fact about you?
I played football for Newcastle Utd and England under 17s and got to play at Wembley and meet the likes of David Beckham and Alan Shearer. Great times!
…Also my brother is the pianist on tv show Strictly Come Dancing.
Rubbish Fact about you?
I wear hats a lot as I’ve yet to accept my hairs premature fate…my head often looks upside down!
My karaoke song is ‘back for good’ by ‘Take That’….I crush it!
A quote  you live by?

Take care of yourselves….and each other. (stolen from the legendary Jerry Springer)










 Due to Sam’s wealth of experience within the fitness industry he can cater too many ‘goals’. Whether it is fat-loss or muscle Gain he will be able to help.
Within his sessions he likes to focus on core strength and balance and throughout and enhancing flexibility and mobility. This will develop a stronger and more enhanced range of movement.
Also he has a great knowledge within boxing, sessions can be solely focussed on boxing and coordination or build in within a usual session.
He has a great understanding of the body and is capable to helping many people with specific problems.

We hope that all of our members will give Sam a huge welcome when you see him at your next session. He loves hugs!