Bev always bursts in last minute and rarely signs into a session but once she is here she gives is 100% from start to finish and all wish a huge smile on her face.. 
She has been part of the Ocean Fit Team and our Group Personal Training Programme for around 2 1/2 years now. Consistently attending sessions as well as working full time as a high school teacher and always continues to push herself. 

Its been long over due for Bev to receive this recognition but recently she has shown huge improvement within her strength & ability and we were left with no choice 😉


Name: Bev Tose
Age: 49
Bev – Our Client of the Month November 2019 – Group Personal Training
When did you Start and why? 
I started in May 2016. I had been a member of another local gym
 where I had done 7 months of Personal Training and two and a half  years of Bootcamp but I was ready
for a change when I came across Ocean Fit.
What do you enjoy the most over all about taking part? 
I love the camaraderie, the 
support, the challenge and the atmosphere of every group session I do. Whether there are new members, members who come and go or whether I train with people
who’ve been there the same length of time as me, the atmosphere is friendly, supportive, and inclusive of everyone no matter
what their ability is.
What made you choose Ocean Fit:
I wanted somewhere closer to home and focus 
more on strength and conditioning. The idea of joining a group to 
continue PT was favourable and Aaron had taken a number of the bootcamp sessions I’d previously attended.
What is your biggest achievement: 
I reached 60k on a deadlift although I had to use
supportive straps. But I did it! This is a huge achievement for me –
I have watched the weights I lift grow each month!
What is your favourite exercise or move & why? 
I like any exercise that involves 
weights where I can challenge myself, increase weight and visibly see my efforts pay off by
looking at my muscle tone. I also love abs exercises.
 What is your LEAST favourite exercise & why?
3 Years Beach Camp Birthday – Bev is defo in here somewhere!
Would you recommend us to a friend and why?
Yes as I think they would love the 
welcoming, non threatening, inclusive enviroment. 
 Whats your favourite thing to cook?
Chicken and Chorizo – whether with rice, as a stew or as a pasta dish. 
Describe Ocean Fit in 1 sentence:
Ocean Fit offers a 
welcoming, non threatening, 
inclusive, professional service which will build confidence and leave
you feeling
 strong physically and mentally.

Bev – 2nd from the left!
Any additional comments – memories, funny moments etc.. 
When David dropped the bar on his face during a bench press and he got a black eye…Not funny at the time but we can laugh about it now.
(may we add this is not a regukar thing here at Ocean Fit although we 100% see the funny side of it…now!)

Fantastic work Bev, we are lucky to have you in out Group Personal Training Team. Thank you fro all of your hard work and commitment over the past few years! 

If you would like to know more about our Group Personal Training Programme then please do not hesitate to contact us. 
….Just don’t wait until January,…..sighhhh!

T: 07496899168