Ocean Fit started as Aaron Paul Fitness 2 years ago in June with the idea that i wanted to start some group morning session. We started in a local kids studio but with the weather being so glorious (almost) every morning we made the permanent decision to move it out doors, which was a huge risk, but one that I thank myself for. 

As the weather got colder I then opened the studio as shelter for the colder months but everybody wanted to stay outdoors, leaving me a little worried that I had made a mistake….Well that studio is now what we know as Ocean Fit and the rest is history. 

I am really grateful for what we know as our Beach Camps and for all of the amazing guys that battle the elements 3x per week. It is and always will be the roots to what is now a thriving community, business, and fitness studio. 
So in homage to the this I whipped up the 10 things that make our Beach Camp….OUR BEACH CAMP!

We are soooo lucky to have the permission we do to use the Beautiful Bay of Cullercoats. This beautiful beach is  slightly sheltered for the elements and offers beautiful sunrises at the right time of year. Often clients will run off to grab their phones half way though an exercise just to capture the moments. Some mornings are breathtaking and really make you appreciate the moment you are in.

‘The Hill’ as often referred too is quite often involved in our sessions, We all know what it feels like when you leave a beach and have to walk up a hill of steps…well imagine running up and down it and doing burpees at the top and bottom. We have used this hill so much that i know all of its trigger points and where its going to have the most effect. 
One thing I love about this tool is that many clients struggle on their first session to get all the way to the top but in a matter of weeks they are flying up it without a care in the world……kind of. 

Would our Beach Camp even be Beach Camp without Peter in his shorts? Peter started with us in January 2017 and travels down from Gosforth before setting off to his accountancy in Washington afterwards. He is a total legend and will make fun conversation with anybody. 
Anyways…He made a personal challenge to wear nothing but his shorts and out do the elements of winter. So far he has done us proud and stuck to his word, even if his socks have been up to his knees.

Even at 6.30am, even in the winter months you still find that there is lots of people buzzing about the beach. Photographers, dog walkers, photo shoots, fisherman and the crazy swimmers. 
Its nice to see other people bobbing around and using the space for their own thing, even if we don’t interact.

Sally was our first ever member (closely followed by lorna) who started on day 1 of the Beach Camp (then indoors) and has been with us ever ever since. 
Although she loves the Beach sessions she isn’t too keen on the rain and wears he iconic bright yellow ski jacket. I can see her coming down the stairs all the way from the Lifeboat station just because brightness of her coat.
Spot Sally!

Its safe the say that the RNLI is a huge part of our community and beyond simply because the the heroic actions they take each week to save people at sea. 
Myself/ Ocean Fit are great supporters of this and have donated various amounts in support of this over the years. Its great to be able to workout so close to their base and know we help support them. Even if its just a tiny amount.

I know I brushed on this at the top but some mornings really do offer the most amazing sunrises at certain time of year. Its amazing to see the lighter mornings come in at the beginning of the year and the sunset colours that come with that. Again in the Autumn when the mornings change and the clocks go back you get a double wammy of sun sets and its breath taking. I love these mornings.

I am sure everybody has my back on this one, each and every morning is totally unique in itself. Whether that is down to the tides, weather, temperature, group-size or session format. All of these elements play a huge part of how our sessions turn out making each morning a unique experience.

There is no doubt that Cullercoats is brimming with history which all revolved around the beach. Known as fishing village in its earlier days that beach harboured lots of small fishing boats and is famous for the Fish Wives often pictured waiting for the boats to return. 
I often watch the guys doing burpees and running up and down the hill amongst other various crazy things and thing….I wonder if they were using the beach for this 100 years ago or I wonder if they ever though the beach would be used for stuff like this 100 years on. Its a complex thought. 
Click this link for more on the history.

Last but not least…Our Beach Camp members are absolutely amazing, they are so committed to the sessions and work extra hard each an every week. They come down in all weathers and don’t let it bother them, even when we are stood around and waiting to get started. Everybody has their own thing that the bring to the group and are without doubt a great group of friends who are happy to welcome all newcomers. It doesn’t take long to settle in with these guys. 

To be honest I could have written 50 things that make it so special down there at 6.30am but in reality what really matters is the members and their commitment to the programme.  SO THANKS GUYS!

If you would like more info on our Beach Camp and would like to join us for a Free Trial to test the waters then please dont hesitate to get in touch.

We run every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY at 6.30am-7.15am.


07496 899 168 – info@ocean-fit.com