We are UBER proud to present Laura as Ocean Fits ‘Client of the Month’ for September!
Laura has been with us for well over 2 years now and it baffles me to how she has not been awarded this yet. She has consistently attended our Indoor Fit Camp sessions since the day she started. One of the huge stand out points with Laura is that nothing is too much of a challenge, she embraces every set and does it with diligence.

As well as kicking ass throughout the sessions Laura takes and interest in everybody and is always making conversation and making newer members feel part of the team!
This is what we LOVE to see at Ocean Fit!

Name: Laura Cunningham
Age: 34

Laura COM Sept 19

When did you start and why?
 started back n July 2017, just over 2 years ago now. I needed something different to the gym.

What do you enjoy the most over all about taking part? 
It has to be the lush people, uncertainty of what’s to come in each session and the general buzz all of the time.

3 Years Beach Camp Birthday

What made you choose Ocean Fit?
 My husband had mentioned it but to be honest I was a little scared to ring up as thought it would be full of super-fit people and people lifting massive weights which I couldn’t.

What is your biggest achievement?
It has to be pushing myself and succeeding in things I didn’t think I could do. 

In terms of exercise it has to be completing the GNR back in 2012 (just 1 week before I got married). I managed it in 2hrs 24secs. I would love to do it again one day but for now I’ll stick to the 5 & 10k.

What is your favourite exercise or move & why?
I love ab & core work but honestly all of it  is so fun with the other guys there pushing you along.

What is your LEAST favourite exercise & why?
The bike-oh THAT bike!!! Kills me every time but in a way I strangely like it too.
(good because we have just ordered a 2nd one)

Would you recommend Ocean Fit to a friend and why? 
Absolutely. It’s been the best thing I have done. Not only have I seen my body change and achieved things I didn’t think possible, I have also made some fab mates along the way.

Sports Day July 2019 – Laura from right.

Whats your favourite thing to cook? 
I love experimenting in the kitchen and will try my hand at anything. I do love a good Mexican dish and I’m not going to lie but I love cooking and eating cake also.

Describe Ocean Fit in 1 sentence:
An amazing, supportive community of likeminded people led by fab instructors #loveoceanfit.

Any fond memories from Ocean Fit?
I think I have too many memories over the 2yrs. The Christmas Indoor Beach Camp was great and the Sports day’s. I still need to attend a social gathering but, they’re always when I’m away. Ha. It will happen one day!!

Again, congrats Laura, fantastic work!

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Who knows, in a couple of months time it could be you up there in lights!