Congrats to all of of Body Confidence Programme Candidates who finished their 6 week programme on Friday 15th February 2019. 
Everybody has worked so so hard throughout the the weeks and its fo fulfilling to see everybody come through the other end.

We moved away from the phrase ‘Transformation’ about a year ago. It comes with far too much stigma. At Ocean Fit we like to enhance how good exercise can make you feel rather than how much fat you can lose. We find our members gradually sustain fat loss and change of body image over a loner period of time. Rather than dropping X amount of weight in such a short space of time and not sustaining it. 

It is important to know how to sustain the new lifestyle you have adopted. Once you start feeling mentally stornger and fitter the rest will start to fall into place. 

You will see from the photos below how slight but evident these ladies figures have changed. They have all joined this programmes for different reasons and all left feeling much stronger in their self regardless of body change. 

Well done to the 10 candidates who too part in the January Programme – below is a snap shot of 3 of the ladies!

As you can see a huge difference from her top and bottom photographs. Angela has been consistent throughout the whole programme and gave up chocolate and alcohol for the full 6 weeks. She has even come to some sessions straight from her night shift as a nurse. Kudos.

Lucy joined the programme after losing 7 stone throughout 2018. She wanted to join Ocean Fit to tone up her figure AND she has done just that!
Before Ocean Fit she had never been to a gym or in a fitness environment. We are really please she enjoyed the programme so much that she has joined us as an official member!

Huge well done to Danielle. As well as completing to programme (4 days earlier as well). She did the RED (run every day) throughout January as well. Completing regular runs as well as yoga etc during the programme. Well done Danielle. Such a hard worker.

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