Each and every month we choose a client who we believes a little bit extra recognition and it was just  a matter of time before Sue had her name up in lights.

Sue joined us back in September 2017 (almost a year already :O ) on one of our Transformation programmes. Sue excelled from the start despite having on going knee problems. However despite having an ongoing knee problem she has never let that hold her back. Back in March she completed the North Tyneside 10k. This is something she thought was unachievable just months earlier. 

As well as attending Ocean Fit, Sue works full time as a Nurse and has irregular shift patterns. A lot of people would use this an excuse not to exercise as they don’t have time. We hear that a lot. Sue is a great example of a client who has determination, passion and commitment to her sessions. 
She cracks on and gets stuck into every challenge thrown her way. 

Well done – SUEper Star!

AGE: 53

When did you start and why?
I Started September 2017 with a transformation. Having had a serious knee injury in 2011 involving 7 operations I wanted to put my knee to the test.

What do you enjoy the most overall about taking part?
I enjoy being part of a friendly team where everybody is equally supported with not one session being the same as another. Aaron has an amazing ability to know just when you are flagging giving you encouraging words to get you through.

What made you choose Ocean Fit? 
I chose Ocean Fit because of its handy location, small friendly ‘personal trainer’ type support and good value for money. Aaron initially said just come to group and I’ll do the rest to get you to achieve your goals…..totally true.

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Check Sue out at our Sports Day back in July!

What’s your biggest achievement? 
My biggest achievement is the Easter 10k from parks to the lighthouse….I cried when I set off because I never thought I would even attempt it and then cried at the end because I actually did it. When it was tough going I could hear Aaron saying ‘Ceemon’!!

What is your favourite exercise or move and why? 
Favourite exercise is the plank because I can zone out and get my breath back.

What’s your least favourite exercise and why?
Worst exercise is definitely squat thrust…it just hurts everything, HATE them.

Would you recommend us to a friend and why?
I would definitely recommend Ocean Fit to friends because i want them to feel as chuffed with themselves as I do and convince them that it is achievable and ultimately enjoyable.

What’s your favourite thing to cook? 
I love simple, healthy food…salmon, steamed veg with new potatoes ( obviously with butter).

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Sue centre stage supporting our Charity Beach Camp for Cullercoats RNLI

Describe Ocean Fit in one sentence:
Impossible to describe Ocean Fit in one sentence. Also difficult not to sound cheesy!
Ocean Fit has literally transformed my life. I used to think ‘I cant’ now I think ‘ I damn well can!’. It is a totally non judgement, massively supportive environment that gets visible results. It’s great to work alongside some great people and see their transformations as well. Ocean Fit is now just part of my normal routine, it’s more than just physical it’s therapeutic.

Such a fantastic and well earned achievement! Heres to many more challenges.

If you would like to know more about Ocean Fit and interested in joining our fantastic team then please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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