The Insulin Hypothesis – Whats the craic?

The insulin hypothesis is when people believe that having high levels of carbohydrate in their diet increases their fat gain due to high levels of insulin.

Why people may this this…

  • – Obesity is related with high insulin levels
  • – undetected diabetes leads to fat loss
  • – Insulin therapy leads to fat gain in diabetes
  • – Repeated insulin injections in the same site causes fat accumulation within the site (Lipoma)

100 Years of Insulin

People often remove carbs from their diet to lose fat in hope that lowering insulin levels will help them drop weight, what has actually helped them loose weight is the major source of a huge food group. Carbohydrates. Fat can still be stored and synthesised when when insulin levels are low.

Why you may be losing weight when you cut carbs

  • Masses of water lost due to glycogen levels dropping. You are not storing as much water in your body. Remember every gram of carbs stored holds an additional 3 grams of water.
  • dining out on more protein. Protein gives you more satiety and keeps you fuller for longer.
  • As mentioned already, you are dropping a huge food group which should reduce calorie intake.

How Many Calories Should I Eat A Day To Lose Weight or Gain Muscle?

The insulin hypothesis has never been scientifically proven and people who cut out or go reduce carbohydrates in a belief that it is helping them lose weight due to low insulin levels are misled. It will be because if the calorie deficit you are creating.

As you know, I (Aaron) am currently studying becoming an Evidence Based Nutritionist with Mac Nutrition University. In September I will be fully qualified. Until then I will drop little knowledge bombs with you guys.