❌ Does eating breakfast matter?!❌

I am a huge breakfast eater, for me its my favourite meal and the smell of Weetabix alone has me salivating.

I chose this topic to study because in the past I have always been one of those….’Oh you shouldn’t skip breakfast’ ‘it’s the best meal of the day’ ‘it sets you up for the day’. I dug a little deeper to get a real low down with researched evidence and date on breakfast consumption. There is mammoth research behind this but here are a full bullets for you to digest.

(Photo is of Alex when we lived in Port Douglas, she is a breakfast skipper)

🥐 You to not enter starvation mode by skipping breakfast. Although it it likely to make you crave unhealthier food more when you start to become hungry.
🥐 Breakfast eaters will have more energy into the day rather than non-breakfast eaters, however this isn’t essential if you have an inactive job where you don’t need to be full of beans.
🥐 There is no data to show that breakfast improves cognitive function or ‘fuels your brain’ more.
🥐 Eating breakfast just for the sake of it is pointless, adverts and media tell you to consume a sugary cereal bar or yogurt drink on the go. But if YOU don’t need breakfast or enjoy breakfast then what purpose will this serve?
🥐 Better health markers and lower BMI shown in those who regularly consume cereals and breads for breakfast. Also reduced likely hood of being overweight in adolescents and children. Slightly contradicting to previous point but makes total sense.

Are you a breakfast eater or skipper?