In a world that pumps out plums of negativity for fun I thought it would be nice to celebrate International Day Of Happiness by sharing some of the small things that keep me going in life!

Jasmine, The Boys….and Alex
Okay I thought id get wring if I didn’t include this one. Ultimately it all starts here. There are too many things to be thankful for with this little animal family!
Alex, my beautiful wife who I share most of life’s adventures with, she may drive me INSANE but bring me more happiness than anything else.
Jasmine aka the most beautiful, gentle loving greyhound ever. She is both of our life and souls. Jasmine bring a lot of happiness and love to the Ocean Fit community as well.
The boys  (our rats) are a new addition to the Phillips clan, we got them in March last year and I genuinely did not realise how close we would all become, they are the most intelligent loving and caring little animals

Remi and Dash
Catbells - July 2020
Catbells – July 2020


Thailand, Koh Tao & Travel
I absolutely LOVE traveling and especially to Koh Tao in Thailand. I have had some of the best times of my life there, made some friends for life and actually met Alex there.
This place is deep in my blood now and can not wait til the day I step back on this Island.
There are still so many places i need to visit in the next couple of years. I am certainly not a home bird and live for adventure and exploring.

Saree beach Koh Tao Thailand

Wanna see me unhappy, keep me indoors. I just want to be outdoors taking in the sun all of the time.
Over the winter I have been smashed in by all kinds of weather doing outdoor 1-1 Personal training whilst the Ocean Fit Studio has been closed due to Covid and although its been AWFUL (like brutal some days) I have still be happy enough to be outdoors and working.

Exploring Summer – 2020


A Good Coffee
I really do appreciate a good coffee, a Flat White to be particular….with oat-milk and one sugar
One of the things that i really love to do every day with Jasmine is take a walk with Jasmine, listening to a good podcast, usually on Fitness Business or some of entrepreneurial garbage and grabbing a good coffee…
My go to coffee house has to be The Boatyard in Cullercoats. Perfectly located, top friendly service and amazing coffee every time!

Coffee at Chumphon in Thailand waiting to get the ferry over to Koh Tao!

Exercise and Staying Physically and Mentally Fit
Keeping fit is a key part of my life, i really understand the value of a healthy physicality and mentality.
Ensuring my body active is never a chore for me, and even if it was that wouldn’t stop me being accountable for myself. I love running, Muay Thai and strength training and make sure I get a good helping on of exercise each week.

Derwent Water Trail Run Sept 2020 - This was TOUGH
Derwent Water Trail Run Sept 2020 – This was TOUGH

My Work & the Ocean 
I have said it 1000 times and will say it 1000 more, I never resent a day at work. My alarm goes off at 6am every day, even now. I spring out of wed and seize every day of working. It never gets boring and I am always inspired by the people I get to work with. Whether it is at our Beach Camp, in the Ocean Fit Studio or remotely.
The Ocean ties into the Name Ocean Fit in many ways (CLICK HERE to check out an old blog on this). I just love everything about the sea (if its above 25 degrees), maritime and just all marine life and the ecosystem of the ocean is something I am really passionate about.

3 Years Beach Camp Birthday – This year is our 5th on Cullercoats beach


You could today has been a pretty good day, I started with a run and a few clients, I then went for a good walk with the dog to Cullercoats beach and met my wife who was paddle boarding. walked back and have spent about 7 hours in the sun.

Ultimately I could have listed 100 things that make me happy but these are the first 8 that popped up!

Comment below letting me know what makes you happy!