Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information for members:

We at Ocean Fit are taking additional precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of all our members – this is our number one priority right now. As you will notice Ocean Fit is already a very clean place and we pride ourself on trying to maintain this all year round. However we are stepping it up to keep our clients safe and minds at rest.

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Inline with Pubic Health England we have increased the level of cleaning and hygiene including:

-Increasing the frequency of cleaning and sanitisation
-Ensuring soap is available and hand sanitisers.
-Providing additional cleaning products to allow members to self clean equipment.
-Educating and reminding members of good hand hygiene
– Increased the cleaning products around the studio.

We are cleaning stations around the studio so that members can spray and wipe equipment after each use and before they use the next piece. We ask clients not to feel embarrassed but encouraged to spray and wipe kit down. Regardless we as coaches will be doing the best we can to clean as we go throughout the session.

Please wash your  hands on entering and before to leaving the studio. Let us work together to keep ourselves safe, clean and healthy.

This is an evolving situation and we ask our members to stay positive, enjoy the sessions, and let’s not mention the ‘C’ word within the studio. 
Thank you for your time, we hope that you continue to enjoy the sessions and make the most of it. 

Aaron & The Team!

What we do know is that the virus can NOT be passed on via sweat.