Until lockdown our Beach Camps have ran with great success through every sunrise, storm, shower, season and circumstance! 

Something I pride Ocean Fit on is our ability to offer these sessions all year round and not lt the weather be a factor. Some people just don’t want to be in doors in our private studio, others love being on the beach and the challenge that comes with working out in fresh terrain. 

We work hard every winter knowing that there is a big bright summer with endless light and beach for us to use just around the corner. We were all gutted when this was taken away from us in March. However we have managed to open again with only 5x people per session for now JUST in time for our 4th Birthday.

This normally consists of a big charity event where we host a 2 hour session on Cullercoats Beach and then congregate in the RNLI boathouse afterwards for tea, biscuits and refreshments.  There were no celebrations this year but I am pleased to say that we have made another successful year of our famous outdoor Beach Camp. 

So if you are looking for a ‘Bootcamp’ (HATE THAT PHRASE) then please remember that we are here all round long and dont plan on going anywhere!

I know for a sure that our 5th Birthday will be the biggest and best yet! 
(please note that the photos below are from out 3rd Birthday celebrations in June 2019. 

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Beach Camp Team celebrating our 3rd Beach Camp Birthday