Well it was just a matter of time before this gentleman received the honour of Client of the Month. This is something we started mid 2017 recognising the hard work of our clients and giving recognition to people who specifically stood out to our instructors. 

Simon started with us in March last year after a trip home to Australia. He was one of the first to join our 7.30am Group Personal Training programme and has been dedicated ever since. 
He is on time for every session and doesn’t settle for anything less then 100%. His strength and technique has developed a lot over the last 10 months and is always keen to increase his weights whilst utilising every second of the session. 

Name: Simon  
Age: 58

When did you Start and why?

Early March 2017. I was bored with going to the gym on my own and was doing it ever less frequently as a result. Cycling to work (WB to city) is something I try to do a couple of times a week but my will and determination dissipate with the coming of the cold and dark. So I found myself doing far less exercise than I was happy with and then saw a couple of photographs of myself during a trip last year and realised it was time to get back to some harder graft than I had been doing. 

What do you enjoy the most over all about being involved?

Most enjoyable part: I attend the 7.30am class and there is a small group who are almost always there. It makes it more enjoyable when I can listen to others grunting and groaning their ways through the programme. I am not alone! And they are a lovely bunch, as is Aaron, so it makes the morning a positive start to the day. Having a good session done by 8.15 am also produces an almost intolerable smugness in me!

What made you choose Ocean Fit:

Originally the three key factors were that it is a short walk from home, the morning session was well-timed, the financial commitment seemed reasonable. Subsequently I have come to admire the way Aaron works. It impresses me that after nearly a year of regular exercise I have not over done it to the extent that I have ever injured myself. That suggests Aaron knows how to make one work hard but not so much so that injury follows. Aaron is a great teacher and motivator. 

What is your biggest achievement:

 Sticking with it. I am not bored and not least because the routines change every month. That means I get to see improvement during the month but then have to master new routines and build up all over again.

What is your favourite exercise or move & why?

It’s satisfying pressing / lifting decent weights and seeing them increase over a month. I quite like hitting the punch bag…I just imagine my least favourite politicians being the bag (hi Jeremy Hunt). Giving the bag some treatment is a nice release.

What is your LEAST favourite exercise & why?

   I know what the hell is. It’s burpees for all eternity. I run out of gas ever so quickly doing burpees.

Would you recommend Ocean Fit to a friend and why?

Most definitely. It’s a great start to the day three mornings a week and for we, ahem, more mature gentlemen, helps keep some muscle tone and fitness at least minimally in place!

  Whats your favourite thing to cook?

Oh man, that’s hard as I like food (and wine). I like Southeast Asian food and I know whenever I cook a beef rendang (Indonesian) for friends it vanishes. Away for Southeast Asian,  I make a fair lasagne which also tends to disappear when friends are around. I am eating more and more vegetarian and so make a decent vegetable paella (Yotam Ottonlenghi’s recipe) and recently have made an appetising corn succotash a couple of times.

Describe Ocean Fit in 1 sentence?

An excellent way to get out of the blocks fairly early three days a week and come home with a (sweaty) smile on my face.

Simon is a loyal and valued member of our team and has been since day one of starting with us. Well deserved!

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