I am not one to bad mouth other’s within the industry, an i think its so unprofessional when others do. In my eyes there is no such thing as competition, you just have to be good at what you do and you will be successful….and work damn hard.

Below is a list of avoidable mistakes that Personal Trainers do but can so easily stop.

1. Being Unreliable or not Punctual.
This has to be at the top because it drives me CRAZY. Manners cost nothing and being on time for your client is as simple as good manners and respect. I am yet to cancel on a client in the 2 years Ocean Fit has been open. There have been times where I have felt on deaths door and even had a flight delayed until the yearly hours of this morning and I was still on the taking the Beach camp at 6.30am and working the rest of the day.

Don’t get me wrong there has been times where has been a miscommunications between times with clients but we are only human.
At Ocean Fit we have a Rule of doors open 15 mins prior for a group session and 10 mins prior to a 121 session.

Come on….really!!
There really is no excuse that this can even be a thing. When i first started as a PT i would told it was okay to do this in sessions but it just looks so unprofessional so I bought myself a stopwatch for about £5 and stuck with that.
I then bought a watch that could be used as a timer but still hated the idea of looking at my wrist all of the time and not enough at my clients so we invested in a wall timer that does all of the work for us now.
Only if i lost the remote for the times and my watch was dead would you ever find me using a phone as a timer. This is one of the worst!

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3. Swearing.
Okay I understand that all Coached and PT’s have different client bases and demographics but I would never imagine swearing online in a Facebook Post or video that my potential audience could see. Its just a big no no.
In my personal life I have quite a unique sense of humour and I am not one to shy away from the odd inappropriate comment, but that in my PERSONAL life.
At Ocean Fit we have a huge age range of clients and i know who i can and can not be more relaxed with in conversation, however there are always professional limits.

4.Be Transparent and Trustworthy.
This one really goes without saying. Don’t discuss private info with others about your clients and don’t give your clients any reason not to trust you. I would like to think that all of our clients see my as approachable and trust worthy. If not then i would always want to called out. keeping it transparent.

5. Keeping those Professional Boundaries.
May have already touched up on this one but I think its so important to have boundaries with clients. i have seen other PT’s spoken to like rubbish from their clients and honestly couldn’t even imagine receiving messages like that from any off the 100 plus Ocean Fit members.
This means communicating at a reasonable time, and keeping the dialect clean and transparent.

6. Bad Mouthing Others.
A couple of weeks ago i was told a story that made me smile.
I was enjoying a coffee with another  local PT where she mentioned that another Health Club had been bad mouthing me to her (they did not know we were friends). Apparently I called them in to cover a session (didn’t happen) and I was rude and arrogant so they left straight away.  Or along those lines. However its nice to know that this individual who I am yet to meet has so much to say about me and Ocean Fit, a tiny business as such a threat.
We don’t bring in outside instructors to cover our sessions.

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7. Is your Personal Trainer Learning?
If you Personal Trainer is not learning and developing their skill set then unfortunately neither are you. The industry is always changing and so is science. Unfortunately for us its hard to keep up but at the same time its our job to be current in our training and practise. 
Just this year I invested quite a bit in putting myself through a Strength and Conditional Qualification. Which so far has been the best qual I have ever done and learnt so so so much from it I believe it has taken our practice to the next level. 

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So there are 7 points that I hate seeing from others, It did turn into a bit of a rant but its well over due I think. 

Keep it professional, work with committed and passionate people, Have fun!