The cat is out the bag, we have kept this a secret for a while now whilst we put everything in place!

Lucy - Ocean Fit's newest Coach in Whitley Bay
Lucy – Ocean Fit’s newest Coach in Whitley Bay

If you are an Ocean Fit member I am sure you will recognise our brilliant new coach who is joining out team from April.

Lucy has been a long term Fit Camp member of Ocean Fit  for years, and when she is not involved in Fit Camp sessions she is lifting weights and building some insane strength.
Ocean Fit was the first ‘gym’ environment Lucy joined, she joined us to enhance her already huge weight loss journey. Over the 3 years she has dropped 9 stone…amazing right. This has all been down to her consistency, determination and hard HARD work.

When we found out she was completing her Level 3 in Personal Training I jumped at the chance to have her join our team and luckily she accepted.  She has now come full circle at Ocean Fit and we know she will bring a lot to our team.

She is very committed, passionate and knowledgeable and will make a brilliant coach.

Let us all give her a HUGE welcome to the Ocean Fit Coaching Team when you see her at your next session!

You can see some of her progress below…

May 2019 – 2 stone since being with Ocean Fit