“David you look AMAZING”

David started with us back in January in our Group Personal Training programme.

I have been best mates with David for almost 10 years and until this moment was the first time had exercised and entered a fitness environment apart from swimming.
I’ll be honest, we didn’t take any ‘Before Photos’ because we both had a feeling he wouldn’t stick at it.

Back in 2017
David – Back in 2017!

But hell were we wrong!…

Any member of Ocean Fit who has worked alongside David this year has without a doubt complimented him on his transformation. He comes to a minimum 3 sessions per week and gives every second 200%.

When he started he had almost no form, coordination, strength or fitness. Now he is in the highest rank with each of these disciplines and isn’t shy in pushing himself to his extent.

David on a a friends Stag September 2018. The first time with his top off on holiday!

Not only is he a changed man in the studio but has also completely changed his eating in his home life as well. No more energy drinks and easy snacking, David has completely transformed his diet to compliment his goals.

Why I love this story so much is that it shows that if you really want something then you need to be in it fro the long game and has been more then consistent for 10 months now. His initial goal was to feel confident as Best Man at my Wedding which he absolutely smashed and lost 3.5 stone before the final suit fitting.

September 2018


Lastly, myself and David have been on about 6 holidays over the years and I genuinely have never seen him without a top on, even in the pool. The 2 ‘after’ photos show David in the past 2 weeks when he was on his most recent holiday.

Full of confidence.

I am genuinely so happy for David and the new man it has made him.


Looking confident in the middle!

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