🌟 Client WINSday Wednesday 🌟

Sam has made some AMAZING progress over the past couple of months, her fitness levels have simply soared from great to top level.
Sam tells me she is feeling fitter than ever and her mental clarity is on top form.
We have been working together a while now, she is a Beach Camp member where she always pushed herself to the max.  When lockdown kicked in Sam joined me for 1-1 Training again where we couldn’t be hyper specific  on what we focussed on.
As she is aiming to join the RAF very soon so its important she is feeling strong, fit and alert.

As well as all of these amazing results she has also achieved these fab physical changes, you can see a change in her Glutes, quads, hamstrings and torso.
This is only from one angle as well so you can not see the gains in her upper-back and chest.

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Sams results from 1-1 personal training and beach camp at Ocean Fit