🌟 Client WINSday Wednesday 🌟

When these photos were taken when I had been working with Ben for just 4 weeks (now 6 weeks). He jumped into the world of the Remote Training with me and has fully immersed himself.

I am thrilled to see the results he has made in his first 4 weeks of coaching. It shows that small changes in your lifestyle can emphasise physical changes in your body in such a short space of time.
Nothing extreme, just regular, efficient exercise, being more calorie conscious and willing to adapt as he goes.

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I am Feeling very proud of the progress Ben has made so far 🥇

If you would like to work with me remotely just CLICK HERE!

I am working with lots of people remotely now and have been for well over a year now. All working towards different results, from different programmes and with different visions.

If you would like to get results like Ben do not hesitate to get in touch, He is only just getting started!