There are always so many members who deserve this recognition and its always so hard to choose just one person .However  what an honour it is to announce Anna from our Beach Camp as our Client of the Month for October 2021. I have actually never seen anybody as happy to receive their T-Shirt, she was even carrying it round in her bag all day. 

Anna has been with us for about a year now, she was hit with a few covid interruptions at the beginning but that didn’t slow her down. She has been making some tremendous improvements over the past few months with her strength and fitness and very rarely misses a Beach Camp. 
Every time she rocks up to Cullercoats Beach at like….6:29:40 she always arrives with a big smile ready to jump straight into a warm up. I have noticed her press ups almost always on her toes now and her hill sprints are faster than ever. 

Recently at Park Run I was taking a it a little bit slower for injury and she stuck on my heel and pushed the whole way round, like to a point where I was getting wrong for chatting. She finished 1 minute quicker than her previous Personal Best. Amazing efforts. 

Let’s not pretend she isn’t easily influenced into ‘Holiday Camp’ mode with her pals.  But thats all part of the fun.

Name: ANNA
Programme: Beach Camp – Cullercoats Beach 

Anna – Client of the Month – October 2021


1.How do you feel to be crowned Ocean Fit’s Client of the Month?  
 A great sense of achievement, I am honoured to be crowned as there are so many worthy opponents (non sarcasm for once, it’s an incredibly impressive strong group). I feel grateful for all of Ocean Fits support and encouragement, it’s thanks to them I am motivated to start my days actively. 
2.If you could banish one exercise from sessions what would it be and WHY?
Downhill Burpees

What about star jumps? (Anna 3rd in)

3.Why did you choose Ocean Fit? 
 Beach life. I love the ocean, sunrises and being outdoors so when I heard from a friend that there was sessions on the beach so close to home I lunged into the challenge. I have tried and failed attending indoor gyms, this setting is ideal.

4.What do you enjoy most about being part of Ocean Fit? 
 New friends and feeling motivated by such a fantastic group

5.What’s your favourite post-workout snack or meal ? 
 3 Pot noodles

6. Describe Ocean Fit in one sentence.
 Somehow alongside crippling crawls, battering burpees, impossible inclines on hellish hills, I am still smiling on the sand to be part of Ocean Fit’s fantastic fitness family and achieving what felt impossible.
Darude – Sanndstorm
7.Apart from being crowned Client of the Month, what is your  biggest achievement at Ocean Fit? 
 Obeying my 6am alarm 3 times a week!  And with Aaron’s top tips and encouragement, I achieved my personal best in the 5k Park Run.

8.What is your next big fitness goal? 
 A 6 pack !

Beach Camp Team – August 2021
9.What is your funniest memory from Ocean Fit?
 Me…I mean Aaron.

10. Would you recommend Ocean Fit to a friend? 

Client Social to Simonside – September 2021 – Spot Anna at the back, dangerously close to falling to her death.

I just love to see members working hard with their eye on the ball, excel and achieve what they set out for from the start…and not throw excuses around. 
A HUGE congrats Anna, make sure you wear that T-shirt with honour. 

Anna Also plays a huge part in our the Cullercoats Community and is a director of Cullercoats Collective, she has organised the upcoming Cullercoats Spooktacular, click HERE to enter your pumpkin!

  If you have been inspired by Anna’s achievements and would like to join our Beach Camp then please do not hesitate to contact us via phone call of email.

Call: 07496 899 168