Kate is a long term committed member of Ocean Fit now so it was a matter of time before we honoured Kate with this weighty award.
Kate is a very committed, caring and kind member of our community and works incredibly hard. She has her own subtle ways of letting us know that she is not going to enjoy a session, but absolutely destroys it anyway. She always keeps her movements in good form and when you watch her exercise you can see she is really focusing on the quality of her movements, not just ‘getting them done’.

Throughout the times of Lockdown, Kate has continued to support Ocean Fit and make the most of our online sessions which have always been available.


Kate – May Client of the Month – Ocean Fit – Whitley Bay

1.How do you feel to be crowned Ocean Fit’s May Client of the Month?  

Surprised, I’ve been a member for a while now so it was great to be awarded!

2.If you could banish one exercise from sessions what would it be and WHY?

Bear crawls!! I feel so unco-ordinated when I do these and find them a real challenge, especially when they are at the end of a session.  I’m sure they will be added in now as an extra treat for me! …Oh and the horrendous ‘run to the sea’ that gets snuck into the odd session!


3.Why did you choose Ocean Fit? 

I wanted a friendly place to train that wasn’t a standard gym but that would push me to achieve my goals.  No two sessions are the same and the variety keeps me motivated.

4.What do you enjoy most about being part of Ocean Fit? 

Definitely the supportive and friendly atmosphere, I’m a member of the Fit Camp crew and we support each other and have fun at the same time.  Its non-competitive (mostly!!) unless we are doing a gym challenge but we still push each other on.  Aaron and Lucy know the members well and encourage us to achieve our best – even if sometimes I feel a little rough at the end!

5.What’s your favourite post-workout snack or meal ? 

I really want to say something healthy here but I’m going to have to be honest and as I am a chocoholic I would say I feel less guilty about having a little chocolate if I’ve done a good workout.

Christmas Party 2019

6.Describe Ocean Fit in one sentence.

A fun and supportive place to train whatever your fitness goals with knowledgeable and relatable coaches.

7.Apart from being crowned Client of the Month, what is your  biggest achievement at Ocean Fit? 

I would probably say my commitment to training has been my biggest achievement, I hate missing sessions and I’ve never really stuck at other things so long – a testament to the team I think to keep me coming back for more.

8.What is your next big fitness goal? 

I really want to work on my upper body and core strength as this is probably my weakest area. Toned arms and abs would be great!!

9.What is your funniest memory from Ocean Fit? 

Probably our sports day on the beach….piggy back races, 3-legged races and tug-of-war, it was an absolute scream! Maybe we can do it again this summer?

10. Would you recommend Ocean Fit to a friend?

Yes absolutely.

Kate on the prowler – Ocean Fit – Whitley bay

Well done Kate from our Indoor Fit Camp, she has really earned this with her hard work and commitment to exercise and Ocean Fit over the past couple of years.  Brilliant work, thank you Kate. 

Would you like to achieve what Kate has and see yourself on our website, contact us to join the Ocean Fit team.