Abbi has been a member of our Beach Camp now for almost 2 years. I remember she joined when i was on Holiday and she was part of the team when I returned.
over the course of 2 years she has shown nothing but consistency, determination and team effort.
As one of our regular attendees she sees our Beach Camp out in all weathers, Abbi is always chatting to others and making them feel welcome which is great to see from our members.

Since we have had to stop our Beach Camp due to Covid-19 Abbi has been making the most of the takeover of Ocean Fit Online and is a regular participant of our daily LIVE workouts.

Name: – Abbigail H
Programme: Beach Camp 

Abbie - Beach Camp - Client of the Month May 2020
Abbie – Beach Camp – Client of the Month May 2020

1.How do you feel to be crowned one of Ocean Fit’s Client of the Month?
It feels amazing! It is something I never thought I would even be considered for let alone be asked to be Ocean Fit Client of the Month alongside Tracey

 2.If you could banish one exercise from sessions what would it be and WHY?
100% without a doubt it would be bear crawls, they are the absolute worst, especially in soft sand.

3.Why did you choose Ocean Fit?
 I loved the idea of being outside, so the Beach Camp was perfect for me! I am a morning person and being able to get up and go straight to the beach is great. I also love that Aaron was so inviting and encouraging and reminds you to take things at your own pace (especially when you’re just starting) he even remembers your name from day 1 was a huge difference from previous experiences at other gyms and ‘bootcamps’.




4.What do you enjoy most about being part of Ocean Fit?
Definitely the community feeling, there is no judgement or stress if you aren’t quite at your best, everyone gets on with it – Aaron really helps with this by setting challenges for individuals and tailoring sessions to suit everyone.

5.What’s your favourite post-workout snack or meal ?
Strong black coffee, always, every time.

I also love making my own juices and smoothies. I love spinach, raspberry and pineapple for smoothies and I have found if you put enough ginger in any juice it will taste great.

6.How has Ocean Fit helped you since joining, and during ‘lock down’?
Joining Ocean fit has primarily helped with my confidence, I was always embarrassed to say I went to the gym before incase I was judged, now I tell anyone who will listen!

During lockdown the online workouts have been great for keeping a routine, and now more than ever I can really tell the difference in my mood if I miss a session.


7.Apart from being crowned Client of the Month, what is your biggest achievement at Ocean Fit?
I think it was definitely the first time I did Park Run. I had never ran with other people around before due to my confidence. After 3 months of joining I did it and felt amazing afterwards, I am also super competitive so all I wanted to do from then was beat my time.

8.What is your next big fitness goal?
I would really love to get back into swimming, it is something I have loved since I was little. I would work towards doing the Great North Swim in Lake Windermere.

9.What is your funniest memory from Ocean Fit?
I can’t think of one specific moment, but the charity fit camps are always really good fun and filled with laughs, it nice to have everyone together either on the beach or in the studio.

3 Years Beach Camp Birthday

10.What would you tell other to inspire them to stay fit at the moment?
To just do it (not sponsored by Nike) Ha! Remember how amazing you feel afterwards, it is too easy to make excuses especially during lock down. I also like to make the workout the first thing I do in the morning so you wake up and do it, that way you don’t have time to talk yourself out of it.  

Thanks again Aaron for crowning me client of the month, it really is amazing and a huge achievement for me!

A huge congrats to Abbi. You are a valued part of our Beach Camp team and its pleasure to work with you in rain, snow shine and now online. Thank you for all of your hard hill sprints, bear crawls and work!

The Ocean Fit Studio is currently closed due to Covid-19 however our sister business Ocean Fit Online which has been operating for almost a year now is thriving. Contact us if you would like help with your Health & Fitness Goals remotely.