Who else deserves this badge other then Laura.
Laura started with us back in January on our Beach Camp and since then havn’t been able to get rid of her. 
She attends 99% of all sessions in all weathers. Rain, shine, wind, sand storms. SHE’S THERE. 

I remember her first session vividly, Laura was quite quiet and reserved but still got stuck right into the session and made the most of everything thrown her way. 

She has come such a long long way since that first session, technique, confidence, fitness. You name it. She is so consistent in each and every session and is a real trooper. 

Back in July when we done the MESTIVAL Mud Run myself and Laura (especially) got stuck in about 2 feet of mud and her shoes came off in every step forward, eventually she just took it in her stride and scaled the mud back with no shoes on and sacrificed her socks in the way…..and about 10 minutes later she fell off a 5 foot obstacle and just got back up. LOVE IT!

Laura is a valued member of our team and I am sure everybody would agree that our Beach Camp wouldn’t be the same without her now. 

Well deserved Laura. 

Name: Laura H

Age: I’m 31 yrs

When did you Start and why?

I started in January 2017. I’ve never been into fitness but I suddenly had the urge to try it as I was sick of feeling unfit and having zero energy. Turning 30 played a part too!

What do you enjoy the most over all about being involved?
The buzz you get. Getting up so early is sometimes a struggle but there’s nothing like that feeling when you walk back through the front door at 7:20am knowing the day hasn’t even started yet and you’ve already burned a load of calories and have a boost of energy!
What made you choose Ocean Fit:
I chose Ocean Fit because it’s on my doorstep, and the times were perfect for me. All the reviews were really positive and although my trial session was tough, Aaron and the group were all really friendly and welcoming.
What is your biggest achievement:
By far my biggest achievement was taking part in the 10k Mestival in June! No way would I of been able to do that this time last year and it really proved to me I can do anything when I put my mind to it! I couldn’t of found a better bunch of people to do it with, we all worked as a team and had an unforgettable experience!!
Mestival – July 2017
What is your favourite exercise or move & why?
I don’t really have a specific favourite, but I love doing circuits. So short bursts of exercises like press ups, squats, crunches etc. I’m not a good runner so anything other than that (and burpees!) is fine by me!
What is your LEAST favourite exercise & why?

Burpees! I just can’t do them very well at all!! (She can and she loves them)

Would you recommend Ocean Fit to a friend and why?
Absolutely! Joining Ocean Fit has made a huge difference in my life. Not only do I have more energy and feel generally fitter, I’ve also been introduced to other areas of fitness I’d never thought of before. Everyone is supportive and encouraging without any competitiveness, I would highly recommend this to anyone from the mega fit to the just starting out like me 🙂
Whats your favourite thing to cook? 
I make a super easy and healthy vegetable soup that’s my favourite at this time of year! Perfect to keep in the fridge and reheat as and when!
Describe Ocean Fit in 1 sentence:

Ocean Fit offers something for everyone with unique training programs that help keep you motivated in a friendly environment.

 Well done on Laura, this is well deserved. Keep working as hard as you do and lets see what challenges roll your way in 2018.

If you would like to know more about the Ocean Fit Programmes and would like to get involved yourself. Send us over message via this link and we will be sure to get back to you ASAP.