Kate Joined us in October. Which feels like 5 minutes ago!
I remember her initial sessions and it took her a short while to find her feet and really get stuck in. Kate is solid member of our Morning Group Personal Training Team. She is up for absolutely anything that isn’t burpee. I can vividly remember Kate doing Deadlifts and Back Squats for the first time when she started and really struggling but with consistency and persistence her strength and physique has really developed. She is rocking 50k Deadlifts and Back Squats no problem at all now and is always aiming to improve even further. 

Name: Kate Veitch

Age: 24


When did you Start and why?
I started in October 2018, after yoyo-ing with my exercise and fitness levels for a while, I needed to find a gym which would challenge me and give me the level of guidance that I needed to increase my confidence!

What do you enjoy the most over all about taking part?
I love the team spirit, everyone cheers each other on and offers encouragement. It’s good to have friendly faces to banter with, even whilst doing burpees. Also seeing Jasmine the dog ❤️

What made you choose Ocean Fit?
I really like being able to support a great local business and having a small group PT was really important to me so that I could get help with my form which was often overlooked in large classes in gyms which were part of chains.

What is your biggest achievement?
Going from not being able to lift even the lightest weights to being able to deadlift 50kilo for many reps is a great feeling!

What is your favourite exercise or move & why?
Back squat, I’m proud of how much more I can lift now than when I started, so it’s fun to challenge myself even further.

What is your LEAST favourite exercise & why?
Wall sit! I think just being still makes it so much harder, I’ll take burpees over a wall sit any day!

Would you recommend us to a friend and why?
Yes! The environment is so friendly and it really helps to go to a gym where you are recognised and will be missed if you don’t attend!!

Whats your favourite thing to cook?
I love Asian food, Vietnamese Pho is my favourite but I haven’t quite mastered it yet!What is your biggest achievement to date?I did a box jump once, just once and never since, but it still felt great. 

Describe Ocean Fit in 1 sentence:
45 minutes of hard work, 3 times a week, 100x more strong and confident for life!

Any additional comments – memories, funny moments etc..
Love the eco-friendliness of everything too, good to see businesses who are doing their bit!

Great work from Kate, truly a deserving candidate for our Aprils Client of the Month. We just need to work on a few more box jumps and the enjoyment of a wallsits from now on!

If you would like to know more about our Group Personal Training programme or hear more we have one more space available on our 7.30pm sessions.
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