For those of you who don’t know, I am currently studying with Mac Nutrition University (MNU) to qualify as an Evidence Based Nutritionist. I have been studying incredibly hard over the past 6 months and have learnt SO much that my clients are already benefitting from.

It was compulsory for me to attend a Body Composition Residential on the 19th Jan 22 in order to pass the course with Honours (there are other residential to follow).

A long weekend spent at Loughborough University with other MNU peers, a very inspirational crowd. After a full day of becoming competent with the Harpenden skin-fold callipers we then enjoyed a 3 course dinner together and a few drinks in town.
The focus of the day was ensuring we were accurate and precise with the measurements we were taking in order to get the best possible data for my clients.

These callipers are used to take skin-fold measurements to assess body fat. I am currently practising on some willing volunteers but will be offering this as a service to both members and non-members in the coming weeks, taking measurements and presenting the data for the clients to use along side their fat-loss journey.

You can now book an appointment here to have your Measurements taken. This is for both Ocean Fit Members and NON-members.