Every wanted to know a little bit more about Ocean Fit and how it came about?
Check out these 8 NEED TO KNOW facts that will help you sleep better tonight.

1. Whats in a Name? Quite a lot actually. 

Ocean Fit was inspired from Owner Aaron’s time living in Thailand working as a Diving Instructor and Professional Underwater Videographer. Its a perfect combination of 2 of his favourite passions, Diving and Fitness. Unfortunately he met his Wife out there and was FORCED to return back to Whitley Bay. So maybe you could thank her for Ocean Fit?!
You will see a running theme of the tropics and diving throughout the studio and branding.
There is a little bit more to the name but thats covered below…

Photo Property of Aaron Phillips
Long Tail on Sairee Beach – Koh Tao – Thailand

2. We used to be a ladies clothing store.

Who remembers SELECT? Well that was us, the space where you train (WE THINK) used to be the office and warehouse area and the downstairs unit used to be the main shop. Please correct us on that if we are wrong.
Previous to that the building has a LOT of history…(again correct us if this is wrong) It started off as a furniture store  and out the back you will see a huge steel hoist that was used to get furniture into the building. Following that it was some sort of office and had a built in cash desk just where the sofa and back door is, however we knocked that out to make more room in the Massage Room which we then knocked through to create the open space you see today. 
Thats also why clients love our mirrors, some of our mirrors are the originals from the fitting rooms so they do make you feel a little better about yourself. 

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3. Started with just 1 person. 

Like everything you have to start somewhere, we started with a small hand-full of clients at our Beach Camp who are still with us now. It was October in the same year that we opened the doors to Ocean Fit with only about 10 Clients. A risk that certainly paid off If it wasn’t for these guys we wouldn’t be here today!
He had already bought the matts and half of the equipment before he found the venue. 

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4. Musical Theatre Nerd.

Owner Aaron used to be heavily involved in Musical Theatre, a HUGE passion of his. before Moving out to Thailand Aaron used to own a stage school in Whitley Bay called ‘Xpress Urself’ which  looked after kids aged 6-16 and ran successfully for 3 years. This was his first business which he absolutely loved before heading off the explore the depths of the Asian Pacific. 
It was during this time he looked at Ocean Fits currently premises for his Stage School and on returning from Thailand remembered the unit and made it his! 


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This article isn’t 100% Accurate – ‘Former Dancer’.

5. We didn’t always used to be so colourful.

When we first opened back in October 16 Aaron really didn’t know what direction things would go and the Studio was simply open to trial and error. He knew where he wanted it to go and its safe to say this has been achieved. But he painted the walls white and Grey to keep things neutral and let Ocean Fit grow into its Identity. He was also skint. 
You wont find any of the original grey in the studio now though. Thank God. 

You can see the blue is creeping in. Do you even recognise this place?


We hope you enjoyed these little facts, its nice to share bits like this. 


Have any questions on Ocean Fit, fire them our way – We love a bit of history and behind the scenes action.

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