6 years today I have been working full time as a Personal Trainer. It has flown!🥳
Upon returning from my travels around Asia and Australia I was lost with how I could start my new chapter. With my passion for fitness, helping people and carving my own success I knew that personal training was the path for me.
I started off in a quite a toxic gym, full of egos and ‘put downs’ from fellow PT’s, teaching me everything you shouldn’t be as a personal trainer, I was 4 months in when I realised I needed to get out before they ruined this new found passion of mine. This ultimately landed me at 267 Whitley Road, with what is now Ocean Fit.
It feels like 5 minutes ago since I started and I feel like 6 years in, I am only just getting started. Helping hundreds of people over the years and thousands of hours of gym floor hours under my belt I know the health and fitness industry is where I see myself inevitably.
In this time I have never had a sick day off, slept in (maybe once) or cancelled on a client from my own accord and hope that doesn’t change!
Over the past few years I have made it a priority to continue my education and develop my knowledge so I can help my clients level up. In 2018 I did my Strength and Conditioning certification which has been priceless in the way I work with clients and how they move and currently I am doing my MNU Evidence based Nutrition certification, which is world leading in evidence based nutrition & education.
It really is my passion, I LOVE what I do. The early mornings and the long days can be hard, but they never get old (although I can burn out at times and be a bit grumpy). Working with locals in the Ocean Fit Studio and those further afield from my remote platform honestly keep me alive, I love my ‘job’ and you guys.
Thank you for showing up and putting in the graft, making those changes and committing to yourself. 🤩